Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nazis and Zionists had a Rendezvous with a Destiny of Their Own Making.

Nazis and Zionists Had a Rendezvous 

With a Destiny of Their Own Making

IDF commander questioned over Gaza killing.
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What have the annals of war crimes swept under the rug? This is by no means a pioneering question, but it has sparked intense controversies when it was first circulated in the United Nations Security Council haggling corridors. 

Two decades ago, when the Israeli war crimes against Palestinian civilians became too intense even for the US to suppress and hide from world conscience, it suggested that modern international organizational bodies had become infested with Zionist hypocrisy.

While Zionism both in Israel and in the West is too callous to respond to the vociferous calls of human conscience, and to the scruples of world political rigor and objectivity, it has arbitrarily excluded the role of consciousness in the establishment of humanitarian reality when addressing Zionist crimes against humanity in Occupied Palestine.

Drawing on the results of their concocted war on terror and two decades of wanton empirical experimentation in murder and oppression, and theoretical mass murder modeling in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Zionist authors of the New World Order stratagem have successfully but not convincingly exchanged justice for greed and political expediency while changing regimes by criminal warfare under the deceptive pretenses of nation-building.

While Politicians, philosophers and moralists have the luxury of examining the provocative conclusions of the interaction of human conscience with the physical realities of political expediency, the humanitarian, national and social implications of this lack of international will to enforce justice have begun to produce generations of Palestinians immune to Zionist political legerdemain.

This is ongoing while the hubris of military power intoxication has convinced both the US and its client state of Israel that the status quo is not only in favor of Israel, but also not against the direction of the current of history. The result is a staggeringly explosive political potential that requires nothing less than a fundamental reevaluation of how a future world war will impact humanity.

That is why Zionist crimes in Occupied Palestine are the sort of war crime facts that require accurate documentation so as to be both, engraved in the collective memory of all successive generations and archived in the annals of crimes against Humanity so that the history of Zionism becomes a permanent record for the absolute worst in a human creed.

In their quest to legitimize the greatest land theft in recorded  history, Zionism has employed the most deceitful methods of media subterfuge by fabricating two conspiracies; Nazi Holocaust and new Anti-Semitism.

While the Nazi Holocaust has long ceased to be a source of moral or historical enlightenment, it has become the focal point of a conspiracy of subterfuge and an extortion racket. A group of American Zionist bankers and politicians, using WW II Jewish refugees, have effectively hijacked Nazi war crimes against many populations, wrapped them in a Jewish-only flag and blackmailed Europe and the rest of the world both for financial gains and as a cover for the grand theft of Palestine.  In other words, striking two birds with one stone, World Zionism have made an extraordinarily profitable industry out of a concocted hoax and created the perfect cover story for operation Grand Theft of Palestine.

What is so strikingly outrageous about the Holocaust industry is that the world knows it was an exact replica of the Nazi hate paradigm it seeks to expose, and is rife with precisely the same kind of shrill hyperbole that the world deplores in much of the media hype over the Holocaust, yet so successful a campaign of media subterfuge, financial blackmail and moral deception it was that it has effectively shut down world conscience, numbed its heart and blinded and deafened it from seeing and hearing the wanton crimes in Palestine. 

Responding to rising criticism from within Jewish humanist ranks, the Zionist Holocaust traders claim that their endeavor pours into one goal; to reconstruct human memory so that Nazi crimes would never happen again. But the truth, which is abundantly clear about their trade, is that World Zionism is exploiting customized, revised and specifically remodeled history for their political gains and grand designs.

It is absolutely clear that there is no such a thing as new Anti-Semitism; rather, there is worldwide irritation, especially in Europe, because of the constant use of Anti-Semitism in the media as an excuse for everything they do to justify their holocaust industry and maximize their profits out of it.

With rising Palestinian resistance to occupation and the intensification of world scrutiny over Israeli war crimes, Zionist Holocaust traders have doubled their efforts to fabricate new Anti-Semitism to divert attention from Israel’s crimes against Palestinians in a diabolical inversion of ground reality to turn Israel and its supporters into  victims and turn Palestinians and their supporters into villains. The Zionist subterfuge, in essence, is a conspiracy of war crimes reality inversion.

This is why preparing, preserving and maintaining accurate archives of crimes of Zionism in Palestine have now become a matter of extreme importance. They are precisely what the world opinion will require of us to present as evidence for why, when ridding humanity of Zionism through robust prosecutions, we would be dealing with it without regard for clemency, which is exactly the same principle Zionist Jews applied to remnants of the defeated third Reich.

Nazis were prosecuted in Nuremberg only because they lost the war. This is nowhere more evident than in the case of modern Iraq / Afghanistan wars. Here, we have the Zionists and Neocons employing the military and economic might of the United States to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity while totally shielded against international law, All the while, using Nazi holocaust as a pretext to justify their own greed-driven war crimes and hegemony.

The fact that crimes were committed by Nazis is no longer an argument; what is being argued is the fabrication of a Jewish-only holocaust. No one would have been calling Nazis decent criminals if they had spared women and children and murdered Jewish males only. 

Nazis had some of the worst criminal genetic codes in the entire spectrum of human genome   … which, in retrospect, is an irony in and of itself … 

It seems only very convincingly true that Nazis and Zionists had a rendezvous with a destiny of their own making.