Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tantawi is a common quantity in the equation of corruption and national pillage that was the hallmark of the ousted regime.

Compared to the Magnitude of the Crime
  Perpetrated Against the Lives of the People and
  the Dignity of the Nation, it is Too Little, Too Late 

Now that the Revolution has been largely mitigated, and any fear of free-speech retribution has been practically expunged out of Egypt’s political lexicon, we should be able to contemplate the grim untold story.Publish Post

Muhammad Haykal and Fahmi Howaydi have chosen to  hint without saying it out loud; that, as a result of the Camp David agreement, Egypt is not a sovereign master over its own dominion. They went further by asserting that Egypt's sovereignty was further compromised by the Mubarak’s treasonous wholesale of the nation's independence in order that he might win Israel’s support in his quest for appeasing his masters in the White House to turn a blind eye on the wholesale loot of Egypt and his family's hold on the national seat of power.

Haykal spoke of hidden foreign overlords present on Egyptian land. During the revolution, I posted an article here presenting evidence from the US of the presence of RDF (Rapid Deployment Forces) on Egyptian Soil under the auspices of US Embassy diplomatic credentials and disguised as Peace Keeping Forces dictated by the Camp David Accords.

The only other similar presence of disguised forces of this size and scope can only be found in banana republics and desert Sheikdoms. Those forces are deployed tactically and strategically for mobilization on the ready to assist Israel by disrupting the most sensitive National institutions and utilities in Sinai in order that they may  put the brakes on any event that might undermine the security of Israel, while giving Israel the needed time to mobilize and retake the Sinai.

The 1967 experience, says an Israeli Zionist researcher in the Carnegie Foundation, (a US Zionist-Jew think tank) has given Israel a valuable lesson; that is the Sinai should never be used to stage an attack against Israel ever again. The Camp David agreement, therefore, made sure that any US Forces on the Sinai must never be removed under any circumstances ... It is naive to be led  into believing that either Sadat or Mubarak has liberated the Sinai and restored Egyptian sovereignty back to it; Not Totally, and not honorably. No wonder then that the people are demanding the repeal of the agreement or at least amending it to restore full sovereignty back to Egypt

Der Spiegel had a lengthy article on the secret group operating in a basement room in the White House which directs the events in Egypt through a 24-hour open  Audio-Video Conference  on a hot  broadband service line. Handlers are available during official business hours on both Time Zones in Egypt and the US.

Der Spiegel claimed that all decisions of the Supreme Military Council regarding Mubarak and the new cabinet had been dispatched to the White House Team for approval before promulgation to the Egyptian Public.

Obama unequivocally pointed out to the Supreme Military Council in an open press conference the steps that his administration expected for the slow and gradual process of an orderly transfer of power (election, parliamentary or presidential) so that they could ensure that no Islamist group will ascend to power before analysts and advisers in the US have studied them thoroughly. This includes the current transitional government and subsequent modification to its structure.

Haykal spoke of a Nation whose institutional laws were custom-tailored to legalize corruption and facilitate the wholesale loot of Egypt’s national assets on a scale never seen before. … The degree to which this institutionalized financial Loot raped the nation prompted experts in the  American Enterprise Institute A Research Center for Strategic Studies) to state that the financial assets alone smuggled out of Egypt to US banks were in excess of Double the GDP in Power Purchase Parity; that is the equivalent of $1.4 Trillion US Dollars over the past 30 years and the Total National Assets Pillaged by Cronies of the Regime may exceed $2.8 Trillion US Dollars ... This is an astounding revelation and quite unfathomable for an economy barely one twentieth of the size of the US economy.

The institutionalized financial rape of the nation took many forms, and I am certain that there is not one Egyptian who doesn’t know how the public sector that was built during the two economic plans of the Nasser’s era, and which had achieved an unprecedented sustained 9% economic growth for the nation while at the same time meeting extremely costly national security challenges on several theaters simultaneously, was dismantled and raped by the regime in what may have been the greatest robbery of national assets in the history of the world.

To ensure this, the regime of the despotic dictator, with the aid of some of the worst legal and administrative charlatans in the country, laid down the plan of the systemic annihilation of Egypt’s entire cadre of competent, Able and Honest men and women who could pose a threat to the severely defective and incompetent political structure.

The most capable of the nation's judges, administrators and managers in whom they saw integrity, competency and honesty were purged systemically, and their positions were filled with the worst and most corrupt elements from among the regime's cronies and parasites.

Administrative laws were devised to legalize the systematic loot of the nation. All political and financial corruption was institutionalized and was written into the law to circumvent the legal problems arising from theft on a grand scale in broad day light.

It was not uncommon to find out that thousands of public sector's holding companies would show massive net losses, yet their top executives would be    hording millions upon millions of dollars annually in productivity bonuses without raising any questions what soever. The loot was made legal, and the justifying grounds, regardless of performance or lack of any productivity, were made into law.

The World Bank and the IMF (US Zionist Organizations) made sure that Egypt's national assets were dismantled and torn into privately owned for-profit pieces. The few chosen charlatans from within the government were given loans at exorbitant usury, and strategically targeted and chosen foreign investors were accorded free season on Egypt's very essence of existence. The assets changed hands from the people to the thieves at a fraction of their real values. 

Egypt, in other words, was disemboweled and placed into financial bondage and servitude to the Zionist Jew bankers of the West with debts totaling double the GNP of the nation. The debt service cost alone devours 30% of the nation's annual productivity. This attrition, by design, is the standard practice of the Zionist Jew banker who acts as the agent of the US Imperial and Imperious power. 

The Central Bureau of Accountability had consistently reported massive internal frauds in the public sector resulting from the institutionalized theft by CEO’s.  It pointed out to an unsustainable wage policy that had laid bare its ugly face on the nation. The systemic pillage by the higher echelon made the ratio of the highest and lowest wages 1 to 200,000, … that is one to two hundred thousand. 

When this egregious disparity became of foul smell, governors of the nation’s administrative and supervisory agencies such as the Central Bank, the Accountability Office, and Office of the Administrative Inspector General were hired as consultants on the books only to the offending ministries to cover up and turn a blind eye on the books for the broad daylight loot. Drawing cosmic salaries even by the standards of top level Wall Street Banking, they acquired vested interest in becoming custodians of the national pillage.

The nation's largest and most profitable banks, which had financed and maintained one of the largest public sectors in the world had been looted dry by cronies of the regime who invariably obtained massive unsecured loans to the tunes of several billions each under the guise of financing fraudulent and bogus projects, then took the cash, transferred it to off shore secret bank accounts and bolted on luxurious private business jets bought and paid for out of the Loot.

Public land and super luxurious investment properties constructed on the most expensive and most coveted areas in the nation, on a scale that reached 50% of the total planned-for-development land area of the country were reduced to being privileged largess to be bequeathed to to the parasites and cronies of the regime in national occasions and in the forms of bribes of gratitude for mutual favors in the process of peddling the nation's assets between each other. 

By encoding the process of bestowment into laws and placing them in the hands of corrupt looting ministers and members of the Mubarak’s family, they have raped the very crust of the Earth on which the nation lies. The degree to which this Institutionalized public land loot had encompassed was described by the International Transparency Organization as unprecedented, in scale and scope, in the entire history of the organization’s members’ track record.

The old crone herself; Mubarak’s wife, Suzanne (Dubbed by Egyptians Suzette Antoinette after Marie Antoinette of France), had absolutely no loyalty to nation or country, surrounded herself with an entourage of leaches, parasites and servile men and women who were only ready, willing and very happy to bow down and kiss her hand, and do her bidding at the slightest motion of her finger. Those men and women filled the corridors of Egypt’s preeminent ministries... 

Bogus private charity organizations were concocted bearing the name of Egypt headed by her and her alone were instituted, and donation calls to fund them were sent worldwide. All donations were placed in privately held secret Swiss bank accounts. She and she alone had the power to disburse any funds.  

To this day, nobody knows anything about those accounts, and the Military Council has ambiguously refused to act on calls for investigations.  Only time will show how much institutionalized financial rape this Old Crone has perpetrated on the honor of the people and the dignity of the nation.

The director of Egypt’s Archive of Antiquities has given a public interview in which he disclosed that the nefariously rapacious woman had sold and ordered the dispatch of an entire Jumbo-Jet full of priceless antiquities to an Arab Oil Sheikh on one of Egypt Air Boeing 747 cargo Super airliners.  The head of Egypt Air cargo Division has not been allowed to answer Prosecutor General's calls for inquiry, and nobody knows why?  

What she received for the stolen antiquities on only one of those flights was 2 Billion US Dollars, by the testimony of Director of Archives of Egyptian Antiquities. An Investigation was subsequently initiated but has mysteriously been blocked for the past seven years (even now still blocked) by his testimony on US public television (PBS.)

The armed forces were the anchor upon which the security of the regime had rested. At one time, the army’s field Marshal, Abu Gazala, who was a war hero, challenged Mubarak by declaring that he was running for presidential election. Mubarak could not stand the notion. Apart from fearing  the certainty of his opponent's prevailing in a free election, he considered it to be an extreme insult to his ego for anyone to run against him for the top boss job; apparently seen by the Old Crone as a family owned seat, and no precedence should ever be allowed.

To ensure his neutrality, the Regime granted the armed forces the right to establish a commercial enterprise as part of the military institution’s Corps of Engineers. In other words, Mubarak had placated the armed forces by giving them a part of the financial pie, estimated by US experts as totaling 25% of Egypt's GDP ... This was exploited in exactly the same manner as in the civil institutions ... This is the undeclared reason behind the military's stance to protect the Biggest henchmen of the decrepit regime.

The late Field Marshall Abu Ghazzalah trotted the world on an expensive private business jet to inspect his private investments in Europe and the United States (estimated by western sources to exceed $500 Million US at the time of his death 20 years ago (Source: NYT) ...

Weapons purchase transactions were taken out of the control of the parliament and made executable by presidential edicts only. Mubarak's commission from weapons sales to Egypt constituted the biggest loot that he extracted from the nation, and the biggest portion in the wealth that he profiteered out of the bread and butter of the people.  

The Lucky field marshal who happened to be at the helm of the armed forces at any given time shared in some of those commissions. Tantawi held both positions of General Command and Minister of Defense & Military productions..

Marshal Tantawy is the oldest and longest serving Field Marshal in military history at 79 years of age. His basic salary as deputy prime minister is 3500 Egyptian pounds a month. His official and legal VIP pay and exclusive expenses are 3,215,000 (that's 3 million +) Egyptian pounds a month. Legal Bonuses from the construction projects carried out by the corps of engineers has been recorded on his financial integrity form for 2009 to be 15.6 Million Egyptian Pounds, approximately $2.8 million US Dollars ... 

It does not require rocket science to figure out what the real amount looks like, but highly informed sources have told me that Field Marshall Tantawi is a Multi-Billionaire... it appears that this is all but pocket change compared with the gigantic amounts skimmed off the top in commissions and other secret privileged deals for the entire cadre of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces.

Marshal Tantawi's commissions from weapons and arms sales and purchase deals are state secret and have never been entered into any records, but estimated to be in excess of 500 million US Dollars over his tenure as minister of defense and arms production, a combined post that he had held before being promoted to deputy prime minister. And his commission from the construction of the Mubarak Stadium in Borg el Arab is estimated to exceed lb100 million Egy.   His Son was Gamal Mubarak's Right Hand and his personal business manager. His son's wealth is known to exceed LE 1 Billion but has also been estimated to exceed LE 3 Billion.

Now it is easy to understand why Field Marshal Tantawy has kept the entire cadre of presidential personnel in their offices in the presidential palace for months? And we now know why no order has been issued yet for the arrest of all the crooks and charlatans who had impersonated the roles of businessmen during the Mubarak’s regime and pillaged the nation's national assets? ...

Tantawi's financial file is as fraught with anomalies as any member of the decrepit regime. His early actions towards the revolution were ambiguous at best, and he has participated in policy meetings in which the issue of ordering the use of live ammunition against the demonstrators was discussed. 

The Mubaraks and their cronies will eventually be arrested and tried, that's for sure. But Tantawi certainly has a lot to worry about in the event he is forced to respond to enormous public pressure for open trials, and will allow it only under massive popular pressure.  But don't hold your breath too long expecting sweeping trials for everything they did. The trials will be limited in scope and most likely restricted to trivial legal matters. 

However, it is almost absolutely certain that Tantawi will remain in power until Mubarak's farcical trial has ended in acquittal.  Tried, they will be, but under standards that would be intended for show rather than instituting true justice by revolutionary standards. Avenging all the crimes they perpetrated and recovering the loot they pocketed and smuggled to foreign safe havens, is more of a wishful thinking than a goal to achieve. This is not a speculation, but a concrete fact that all of Egypt shall have to grapple with.

Tantawi will vigorously resist any attempt to force revolutionary trials for sadism, national loot and corruption  unless public pressure mounts so high that the nation's stability is threatened, and that is unlikely and a continued uprising will show the ugly face of Tantawi and his council of Junta. 

He will distance himself from any and all trials and leave the entire proceedings to appear as if under the office of the Attorney General and affiliated Personal Gains Accountability Office to apply strict standards of civil trial proceedings, which will almost certainly ensure either exoneration for lack of evidence, or proceedings so protracted that will eventually loose public interest and amount to no real justice.

We will, therefore, soon end up looking at top mafia bosses behind bars. We may subsequently see public trials on TV. But such proceedings would be intended to placate  public anger and allay public concern for conspiracy at the top military level. Yet the deliberate delay for action after the revolution had given the culprits the golden opportunity they needed to destroy or hide all the evidence needed for successful civil prosecutions. 

Tantawy is a common quantity in the equation of corruption and national pillage that was the hallmark of the ousted regime. Now that he is at the helm of absolute power, it would be natural to expect that his first and foremost concern would be the protection and preservation of their vested interest. 

The entire nation must open their eyes and be aware that Tantawi is the uniformed copy of the corrupt civilian cronies who hold the nation's resources in their pockets. Their vested interest is his vested interest. It would, therefore, not be a form of paranoia to fear for the future of the nation in the event their vested interest encountered severe threats from the public or the burgeoning revolutionary institutions. Illegitimate and Despotic Powers, history has taught us, would not hesitate in carrying out scorched-earth policy to safeguard their vested interest and seat of power.

This is a symbiotic relationship made in Hell. All those charlatans, civilians or uniformed are nothing but wolves in sheep's wool. They have given themselves ample opportunity to make the loot disappear. Handing the mantle of power to civilians will not be easy and will not be smooth. They will make sure that future civilian power will be stripped of any jurisdiction over them. Expunging the names of potential threats by attrition will be the hallmark of their disguised political legerdemain.   

So much time was wasted and so many smoking guns were buried. Some of the truth will eventually surface, but compared to the magnitude of the crime perpetrated against the lives of the people and the dignity and future of the nation, it will be too little and too late!

And in the end, Egypt's 7000 year old tradition of worshiping their Pharaohs will make it difficult to see anything other than the Pharaoh and High-Priests take their power and fearsome reputation along with them wherever they go; be it as it may, to trial, to prison, or to grave.