Monday, November 15, 2010

Can Israel Defy the Natural Law of History?

Can Israel Defy the

Natural Law of History?

In certain circles it is argued that the fate of Palestine has been sealed, it will be no more; the argument goes. To think that the Arabs could fight the Jewish state when its nuclear arsenal is the fourth largest in the world; only behind the United States, Russia and China is absurd, and it would take a miracle to nudge her to make any room for a future Palestine.

This argument is an Israeli wishful thinking. What might appear to be unrealistic now can be the reality of our future generations? History is not made up of decades; rather, it is made of centuries and millenniums, but Israel is short sighted and historically blind.

Israel's Nuclear Arsenal was given to her, literally, during the cold war. Now it is largely impertinent. This should not diminish the threat that they could pose while in diabolical hands. Despondence and historical hypochondria would render those hands only very happy to employ them and commit suicide.

Israel claims that her nuclear arsenal is for deterrence only. History, however, shows that this sort of argument is hypocritical. Israel’s greatest fear is whether her neighbors have acquired the know-how to produce a nuclear weapon.

Israel knows that Iran neither has a nuclear arsenal nor is it looking to acquire one at the present time. Acquiring the knowledge, however, is what scares Israel out of its wit because, according to Israel, the deterrence would then be mutual, and that, Israel cannot allow.

Israel knows that its existence is fungal in nature, growing on a much larger body that possesses the potential, but not quite the capability to eradicate it yet.  Its only mode of security is to prevent the body at all cost and by all means, including criminal and bastardly cowardly, from developing the immune system necessary to kill it off.

Israel's strategy may seem to be possible at present because the Zionist mind is satanic in nature, and uses the very system it leaches on symbiotically. Satan may think he is cleaver, but his victim actually holds all the power to render him useless and powerless if he has the will. The key here is the victim has the power but not quite the will yet to kill the devil.

History of the Jews beginning at Babylonia shows us many parables of how they are adept to self-destruct. We read Jeremiah's warning to them that their moral malignancy had reached the point determined for their destruction. They dismissed him as lunatic, taunted him with his physical handicap, and ridiculed him by putting him in the stocks. Then came along Nabu Quad Nasser; the great Babylonian Emperor to fulfill God’s prophecy and effaced Jerusalem off the map. He captured every wretched one of the them, and took them into 350 years of bondage and subhuman servitude in Babylonia.

The Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great liberated them, and returned them to Jerusalem. Did they learn anything? Of course, they did; they learned to be wicked and far more conniving, marauding and blasphemous. Jesus came to them with what they had already known and had long been anticipating. But they rejected him and attempted to murder him. They thought they did and trotted the streets of the holy land taunting every believer of Jesus that they had murdered him. They had not actually but little did they know.
Jesus is still alive and well, and shall return to finish the business of their final destiny. But what about until that time arrives? Which is not measured by a frame of reference that we can address? Let’s just examine what happened to them at the hands of Titus! ...  He razed Jerusalem and dismantled their very existence, and sent them scurrying for dear life across the known areas of the planet … Did they learn anything? Of course they did; they learned to be more wicked still, and far more morally malignant.

If I had to go over what every country, every nation and every king did to them as a result of their moral squalor, I would have to fill an entire library . Instead, suffice to know that between the 8th and 11th centuries alone, The English kings Boiled 20,000 Jew money lenders, let me repeat this so that I would not leave anything to interpretation, they Boiled the money lending Jews in Boiled Water for their practice of Usury, which is forbidden in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What happened to them? They fled Europe; all of Europe because that was their practice all over Europe.

They fled to Muslim Ruled lands, where they were accorded protection and were fairly treated like everyone else under the tolerant Islamic Sharia Law. Then The Muslim Empire, like all empires came to an end and Spain had to undergo the church’s inquisition rules.... Christians hate any mention of committing atrocities against Muslims during the inquisitions. let alone during the Crusades!

The Jews had to flee again to the fringes of the Muslim empire where Islamic Sharia was the law under which they felt secure and protected. The industrial age took the world by storm, and left the Muslim world into an abyss of backwardness after they had ruled 75% of the known land area of the planet, and developed every facet of human knowledge and awareness in science, mathematics, medicine, and all the branches of the humanities.

The conniving Jew was watching, and with the wealth they had accumulated under the protective umbrella of Islam, migrated north, and reengaged in money lending again with exorbitant Usury.

The money hungry west looking for liquidity to finance the industrial revolution, welcomed the opportunity but detested their greed and avarice Until an Austrian Corporal was bitten too many times by their rabid bites into the financial markets of Europe and by their criminal money markets racketeering.

He decided to put an end to the loot.. Then there were the Pizza Ovens and the funny gas chambers. Did they learn anything? Of course they did. They learned to be more criminal and far more morally malignant. In 2008 a Retard by the name of George Bush and an obsequious man by the name of Barak Obama saved them from a second Holocaust after their despicable criminal racketeering brought the world's economies almost to complete pulverization , .... Again!

Can we make a compelling case for those who object to Israel's Criminal nature? The answer is No. Even if these are individuals who loudly voice their objection, they still support and vociferously demand the right of Israel to exist on a looted Palestinian land with a token right for a Palestinian cursory life.

The analogy of the case that not all Jews are Zionists is that of a gang of robbers, murderers and thieves, who, after they had murdered, killed and robbed the household and kicked the remaining surviving orphans out, had bastard progeny, who came out and called for humane and kind expulsion of the orphans! ... Are we  to believe that this is a gallant act? ...

They are still the bastard sons of the robbers, the murderers and the thieves; they are criminals by association and windfall profits... The principle of the law is: what is based on crime is criminal in form and content; in scope and spectrum, in subject and nature.

If those are decent humans, then they should get out and go back to Russia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Brooklyn or where ever they had hatched from, they or their forefathers who illegally migrated and occupied Palestine, claiming that the Lord had given it to them or because they are the chosen people.

What God would take gangs with subhuman criminal nature as his chosen people? It must be a Sicilian godfather. They were chosen until they transgressed. And that is a time Passé, well documented in their, and all subsequent, divine messages.

They were chosen until they murdered every prophet that God sent to them. They were chosen until they committed the ultimate blasphemous act. Now they are the cursed pariah of the Lord. Their Torah is a tell tale for all things. They change the word of God and come back with fantasies of their diabolical imagination, thinking that God is blind to their crimes, or that the Torah is made in Disney Land.

Count Folke Bernadotte, my great grandfather, was murdered in cold blood while he was attempting to mediate a life for the wanton criminal Zionist Jews who murdered him in Jerusalem. To me the sons of criminals are criminals by association unless they pay reparation as penance for the guilt of their fathers and depart and abandon the Looted Land. For God’s sake, they are still blackmailing Germany while committing greater criminal atrocities than what they shed crocodile tears for. It appears that crimes they commit are OK, but not so, are crimes committed against them.

They curse the Goyim (Hebrew for Gentiles) every day here in the US. They do that in public, blatantly and unabashedly a hundred times a day. Their almost subhuman comedians find no shame in that.  After cursing Jesus, they turn around and demand the right to beg for Goyim’s tax payers assistance to commit more crimes against an unarmed civilian population in Palestine. With servile hat in hand, they beg for tax payer's assistance to loot more Palestinian lands armed-robbery style and build more settlements on  the looted land.

They use their fully owned and controlled world Jew public media to shed more crocodile tears and fill the ether of planet Earth with their wailing for what Hitler supposedly did to them, claiming that their peace must come from shedding more Gentile Palestinian blood!

History shows us all that Peace cannot be achieved until the rights of the victims have been restored. ... The existence of the Jew State is anathema to Peace and International Law, let alone human Conscience.

History has shown that Humanity cannot be destroyed; therefore Human conscience will ultimately triumph and spit out the moral malignancy of the International Zionist Jew in order that the body of humanity may have its integrity restored.


History will not come to a halt just because the International Zionist Jew has acquired a nuclear arsenal. History will continue to move in exactly the same steady pace with which it has passed on humanity since Adam, and the Zionist Jew, nuclear arsenal or not, will remain subject to, and bound by the Natural Law of the Current of History. If the Zionist Jew remains in defiance of that law, history will crush him again and again, until the pages of their final chapter have been reopened .... Then closed for once and for ever.