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The White House / Israel , Cairo / Riyadh Axis, Hiding the Black Book

The Secret Axis, Damage Control by Hiding the Black Book

No Revolutionary Trials
No charges of corruption and profiteering
Will be Raised
The Loot Requires Diplomacy to be Returned to the Public Treasury.

There are those who know that what is taking place in the wings is far, far greater than what is being promulgated to the public for consumption.  Mubarak’s is a case for careful examination and should never be taken for granted.

Information coming from private sources inside the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces tells a story, part of which is now well known and the remaining is subject to many speculations.  But what is certain about this information is it tells us  without equivocation that Mubarak’s destiny had long been discussed and concrete steps had been taken different from what has been released to the public . Mubarak, it is almost now certain, will not be tried, not really. Unless a cataclysmic degree of public anger is displayed Mubarak’s investigation will be farcical in nature, and designed only to mollify and placate the angry public.

Lt. Genral Sammy Anan With US Counterpart
To understand how events have progressed, and for everything to make sense, a brief background may be necessary for anyone who had not been there in Tahrir physically or digitally.

In the early hours of the revolution, there were very few exchanges with the Americans, if any. Though the Americans are riding the revolutionary parade, and claim that they had coordinated and trained many revolutionary elements, there is no concrete evidence that they had beaten the drums of the revolutionary march. 

And While some documentary TV programs that have appeared on the web do point out to  free and coordinated access to foreign media, there is no evidence that there was official US involvement in the early stages of the uprising.

During the early days, however, and once the uprising had shown signs of fruitfulness most of the exchanges with the Americans were reciprocal information between the White House Specialists on the Middle East and Tantawi’s Office in Koverey Lqubbah as well as Joint General Command in Medinet Nassir. Very few were fielded to O’roobah Palace in Heliopolis to Mubarak himself, and those messages were advisory in nature for Mubarak to step down peacefully and spare the nation untold consequences.

In General, America had no precise information on the timing or scope of the event. Much like Mubarak's regime, the US embassy Cairo had heard rumors and read digital messages, in addition to having knowledge of NGO training Egyptian elements on peaceful civil disobedience but that was it.  The US embassy’s Zionist Jewess Ambassador; Maggie Scobey, was, like everybody else, taken by surprise and could not provide any intelligence to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The White House had no choice but to rely on Pentagon’s communication with Lt. General Sammy Annan, who, early on was at the Pentagon and had to cut his visit short when the temperature of Tahrir rose to a critical degree.

The White House obtained a very solid promise from General  Annan that he would not obey any orders to use the army against the civilian population. That promise was obtained from the General  while he was still in DC at the pentagon, and was confirmed several times after his return to his Offices both at Joint General Command in Madinet Nassr and the old defense ministry in Kobreyl Qubbah.

General Annan discussed this heatedly with Field Marshal Tantawi, who while had no objection to the principle, resented that his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should  have made that decision and given such promises without deferring the matter to him first.  
                                                                                                                               US Zionist Jew Joe Lieberman
Eventually, however, they both put the matter behind them especially when the difference was one of order and chain of command as well as military decorum rather than disagreement on duty and strategy. Lt. General Annan, however, was not 100% certain of his Boss' absolute and incontrovertible stance on initial action.

After January 28th, both Tantawi and Annan, along with all senior members of the Brass had no squabble on what their action should be, and with Mubarak’s intransigence, leading to ordering the army to crush the uprising by any and all means necessary, a decision was made to isolate him and his Old Crone along with their son.  

Indeed the minute they sensed that they did not have a president, but a family acting as if monarchs or the royal overlords of the land, They called the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to convene without Mubarak.  This action alone, since Mubarak was the commander in chief of the armed forces, meant without the shadow of a doubt that his 30-year reign with absolute hold on power was over.

Air Marshal Reda Mahmoud Hafez; Commanding General of the Air force ordered Cairo-West air base’s commanding officer to dispatch a squadron from their fighter air wing to fly  “greeting formation” passes over Tahrir Square to reassure the millions that Egypt’s armed forces were on their side. Unfortunately neither the protesters nor the press understood what “Greeting Formation” flights were and thought that the  F-16  fighter jets screaming over their heads were exhibiting  hostile intentions against the civilians and gave defying fist signs with roaring cries as if to say, “We’re not scared of you.” ... Even foreign media were confused and reported this as a warning of impending aerial bombardment or scare tactics.

All those events were taking place while intensive communication was underway between the Tantawi-Annan
Once the regime had fallen and was out of all official channels of communication, the US turned its attention to ensuring its strategic interests were not being threatened.  The US had full confidence in the military institution but had no idea what the popular uprising might draw into the theater of influence in Egypt. This prompted intensive direct talks between the parties.

High level Congressional envoys including the most ardent Zionists of them all arrived one after another for closed door talks with Tantawi. They had extensive talks and discussed Egypt / Israel relations and the imperatives of continuing the current level of cooperation. They also discussed the treaties, The Muslim Groups and the Mubaraks. There was a lengthy talk regarding Mubarak.    

Britain’s Prime minister came to talk with both Tantawi and Ahmad Shafiq (then acting prime minister) regarding Britain's concern with the Muslim groups gaining power in Egypt, and stressed the necessity for moving towards democratic changes slowly and gradually in order that a wider sector of liberal secularists might have a chance to organize and launch a successful promotional political campaign.

Israel and the Treaties were given high attention ostensibly to allay any Israeli concerns. Mubarak & his Loot were also discussed with emphasis on what might potentially end up to be a public lynching . They also discussed, apparently, the imperative for a European standard legal proceedings against convicted members of the ousted regime.  Tantawi wasted no time allaying his British interlocutor's concern regarding military tribunals.  David Cameron was impressed by what he heard from Tantawi regarding the deeply rooted traditions of Egypt's Judiciary system which has direct roots in both French and British counterparts. 

The EU sent its chief of parliament to discuss Muslim groups, election, and transfer of power.  She conveyed the EU community's concerns  with any quick movement towards election, which might give the Muslim groups a clear advantage over the highly unorganized secularists. They also discussed Mubarak and the looted funds in EU banks as well as string attachments to EU financial assistance.   

But perhaps one of the more sensitive issues about which, the EU member states were concerned, had to do with the nature of future trials for members of the deposed regime and whether capital punishment would ever be considered especially when there were close to 1000 killed by police snipers and assault including children and infants.

French President Sarkozy dispatched both his Prime Minster and Foreign Minister to discuss Muslim Groups, Israel, the Treaties, and the Mubaraks. So intensive was the French attention to Mubarak's destiny that Tantawi thought that all those high level envoys were on Mubarak’s Death-Will, lining up to inherit his Loot!

Tantawi was also dismayed by the incredible and hypocritical degree of paranoia regarding Muslim groups while Muslims were being persecuted and targeted by Christian Extremists everywhere in their countries. Tantawi did not waste much time reminding the French delegations that while he understood the problem arising from Jewish lobby pressures in their country, it was not a problem that would keep him awake at night in Egypt. 

                                                                       EU Parliament  Zionist Jewess  Ashton

Tantawi had to give assurances that all national Security secrets would remain 100% protected and Mubarak himself would be protected by the army. During the uprising, Tantawi-Annan had to agree to provide the US with assurances that, in exchange for his resignation, Mubarak would not be subject to any uncontrolled proceedings such as public Kangaroo Trials where, he would be forced to answer questions regarding top secret US / Egypt national security arrangements.

This explains the army’s frantic reaction once State Security Buildings were compromised by the revolution where revolutionary elements had invaded several buildings, and documents were grabbed. 

The US was quick to immediately sound  loud alarms to protect or destroy those documents and leave no paper trails. Digital files were rescued and the military kept them in highly secured archives. The US was very pleased with the military’s quick reaction. 

All documents destructions were sanctioned and pre-approved by Tantawi or his assistants. All State Security officers who were arrested for documents destruction without specific orders were subsequently released. No action was taken against them nor were they subject to any investigation. The public was given various cover stories that had been pre-rehearsed.

Tantawi's policy with remnants of the old regime's police apparatus was  pragmatic. The police is not the State Security, yet State Security is a crucial division of the police. All the police excesses which were unforgivable by the people were equally unforgivable by the military.

The dilemma resided in what to do with internal security should a decision for collective punishment be taken?  Undoubtedly many police personnel acted in pure criminal fashion. They were arrested and are still in detention pending trials. 

The question remained, however, that despite the fact that the people's demands to dismantle the entire police apparatus are valid, no government, be it as it may, transitional, civilian or military could just dispense with the nation's police apparatus and replace it with fresh cadres. 

What Marshall Tantawi did was all he could do with what he had to maintain law and order, and even at that, law and order had either disintegrated or suffered severe blows in many parts of the country even with many units of the army acting as police to help in maintaining the security of the street.

France's Zionist Half Jew Sarkozy
The question of the family Loot was a very delicate matter and it was agreed that it would not be discussed until sufficient information was gathered and collected. Contrary to what the public and press had been told, The Old Crone and Her Two sons did travel abroad on the private jet several times, apparently, to take care of  family Loot.   Marshal Tantawi put an end to it once the Flight Crew complained that they were being coerced by the Old Crone to break the rules.

Meanwhile, across the ocean in the US, The Mubarak’s attorney in Washington DC, in what was described as one of the greatest blunders of US State Department's recent history of gaffes, was summoned by Hillary Clinton, and was designated her special envoy to Egypt.   He arrived in Egypt, met the Mubaraks, and received instructions on what action to take regarding the family Loot.   Nobody in Egypt was certain whether this was not on purpose.  circumstances, however, do suggest that it was not just another gaffe.

Communication between Riyadh and Sharm el Sheikh continued, and  representatives of the Fat, pot-bellied King in Riyadh came to meet Tantawi to ensure that all their state secrets would be protected and that Mubarak would not be subjected to humiliating public trials for fear of copy-cats in their own countries. Secret Financial deals were struck contrary to what the public were told. In fact so secret those talks were that only 3-star and above flag officer corps  members of the SCAF were privy to their details.

Many scenarios were discussed with the US and the Gulf States with regard to Mubarak. The general outlines were: public outrage would be contained with carefully orchestrated arrest and investigation proceedings giving the impression that there was no special considerations.  Eventually, however, he would be exonerated of the most serious charges of murder and high treason. All other charges of corruption and profiteering would be dropped purely on humanitarian grounds provided the "Loot" is returned to the public treasury in full..... 

At least those were the points of assurances officially given. Tantawi and his SCAF, however, had in the past given us every indication that any negotiation was geared to give themselves the widest possible range of maneuvering, typical and expected of military strategists.
                                                                                                              US Zionist Jewess Maggie Scobey & Shafiq

Egypt’s Total  debt is $39 Billion Dollars, but counting debt service cost, that number shoots up to considerably more than the principle. The financial deal had to do with assisting Egypt with addressing this insidious and horrific burden that was caused by none other than Mubarak himself, for whom many highly interested parties are, apparently, requesting special treatment. The Question of restitution came up.

Deals had to be negotiated, and while the details are secret, the general outlines have to do with whatever assets smuggled to Gulf Area Banks.  Those funds will be quietly returned to Egypt in their entirety in any form Egypt may dictate while handling the matter delicately and with anonymity for all parties concerned provided Mubarak's trials were scrapped, or at least guaranteed to be farcical in nature.

All funds that Egypt could regain independently from outside the Gulf area shall be matched 1:1 until the entire amount of Egypt's external debt is settled.

All Financial arrangements shall take place in the form of treaties signed by future elected governments to render all transactions legal and official. Meanwhile, Mubarak's case must be handled with extreme delicacy while Egypt shall have to limp along without any revenues coming from abroad until a new president has been democratically elected.

Saudi King Abdullah in particular was so keen on making sure Mubarak would not be prosecuted that the promise of financial rewards for Egypt was considered to be more than a fair trade for letting Mubarak go free. Other Gulf Area Sheikdoms were also eager to buy Mubarak's freedom with Economic packages. It appears, however, that Tantawi might have put off agreeing to specific details until he had exhausted all independent means of securing economic packages while leaving the ongoing criminal investigations of senior regime members to the office of the Public Prosecutor General at least for the time being; it was thought good for public consumption. 

The US may have had good reasons to believe they owed Mubarak at least the semblance of dignity after 30 years of loyal service to his masters in Tel Aviv and the White House. This explains their repeated pleas to spare Mubarak the indignity of public humiliation.   The Military had no quarrel with the concept, however, public outrage has compelled Tantawi to tell Hillary Clinton's envoys that Egypt has to do what it must ... Albeit, delicately.

The Gulf Arabs had all the good reasons (in their views) to treat Mubarak and his family with utmost decorum and honor.   After all, they are all the same type of despotic and decrepit dictatorial heaps.  And for considerations of national interests, Tantawi had to yield to diplomatic initiatives to satisfy both internal public demands and external interests, provided those interests were of benefit to national security.

Whether under arrest, prosecuted or pardoned, the military will remember the requests for special treatment in exchange for the return of the Looted Funds smuggled to Arab Gulf Area secret bank accounts, and its own lack of desire to humiliate the former dictator, however, no promises were made for extending the special considerations to his sons.   If any, special measures would be strictly stemming from the nature of the post-revolutionary political milieu in Egypt and 7000 years of looking at the Pharaoh and his family as demigods. 

When it comes to Egypt, evidence is already suggesting with obvious signs that special treatment is expected and is the norm even for a Pharaoh with Mubarak's Criminal Treasonous record.

From Khufu to Mubarak; a Quest For Eternal Life Through The Art of Looting Egypt

Rest in Peace Good Old Fellow Khufu, 

Egypt Has Forgiven Your Debt

Watching the Most Respected World Media marvel at Egypt's sophisticated prosecutorial wizardry under the deftly hands of Attorney General Abdul Maguid Mahmoud, One Can’t help but look pensively back at the legacy of the man who caused all this reveling at his criminal investigation and detention.

Hosni Mubarak for sure was not the first corrupt absolute ruler of a modern nation. Nor was he the most blood-thirsty despotic figure among his peers of modern dictators. Nor still was he the most notorious for being the focus of derision and scorn amongst world leaders. So what exactly is the secret behind this sweeping media frenzy that finds wide audiences around the world after his name while he was at the summit of power and now that he is in abject state of contempt having been arrested like a common thief?

The answer is simply Egypt! … Egypt is not merely a developing Middle Eastern Country with a huge population and a powerful Regional military presence, or merely an historic cultural center with a long legacy and classic heritage, or a mesmerizing ancient civilization of interest to adult and child alike.   But, besides being all that and more, it is a Biblical Spirit always peering through human history, theologically, geo-politically and in parable.   Egypt’s spirit permeates its sphere of influence.  It affects and causes effects like no other nation amongst its sister nations.   They call it: The Cradle of Civilization.   He who Rules Egypt gets this special status rubbed in on him.

So looking at Hosni Mubarak the man and his legacy, one must have a point of reference for a given perspective. Here, in this very brief pensive look at Mubarak and his legacy, I have chosen a comparable figure from the depth of Egypt’s ancient history.    Historians divide the history of ancient Egypt into three distinct Dynasties; Early (or Old)  Dynasties, Middle Dynasties and Late Dynasties.
My choice was the most famous Pharaoh of the Early Dynasties.   Like Mubarak, he was an absolute and haughty Pharaoh and acted like one.  Like Mubarak he  had two sons.   And like Mubarak, his two sons had either succeeded him or exercised influence for being his sons.

Khufu is the Pharaoh that I have chosen, right or wrong, he is merely a point of reference for a reflection.   Khufu was a Great Pharaoh of sort.  Certainly he was a great builder, and a man with a vision and a will of steel. He was also a man who was obeyed by his subjects and aids alike; either for fearing him or for loving him, we just don’t have this kind of information reliably telling us which was which.

Khufu ruled for 32 years, Mubarak for 30 years. Khufu was succeeded by his son Khoff’Raa, who was succeeded by his son Mun’kow’Raa. … Mubarak was almost succeeded by his son Gamal but (not Raa), who would have definitely been succeeded by his son to be, but also (not Raa!)

Khufu Looted Egypt’s National Resources for 20 years of his 32 year-reign and poured them into the construction of a tomb for his dead body to be buried in; the Great Pyramid bearing his name of the three pyramids of Giza. It took 20,000 men 20 years to construct that pyramid, and 50% of the grain crops and animal live stock of the nation to pay the men, feed them, and import whatever material they needed and did not produce in Egypt to finish the project … The project was finished, the Pharaoh was dead, and was, as he wished, buried in his great edifice along with all the rest of the Loot; Gold, Silver, Food and Furniture. He knew that he would resurrect, but had no idea that he would never be able to use those things ever again!

His Son also tried to do the same thing. He too Looted an already weakened nation economically as well as population-wise having had to toil for 20 years under austere conditions with no returns because almost everything was diverted to the Pharaoh’s edifice. But out of the lesser Loot, he built a lesser pyramid. … And the story was repeated verbatim by the succeeding son who, too, did build yet a smaller pyramid, because by that time, the nation had almost been bankrupted.

On request from, and commissioned by, National Geographic, A San Francisco huge Engineering and construction firm ran a study to estimate how much the great pyramid of Egypt would cost in today’s money effort and technology to build. The cost-engineering team, whom I know personally, ran the necessary engineering model and came up with astounding information.

The computer model showed that if we were to attempt to build the great pyramid of Giza today, it would take 5000 pieces of equipment, and 6000 workers, technicians and engineers over a period of 5 years and would cost a staggering $7 billion Dollars US in today’s money.   Indexing this figure to equivalent money value of the time of the pharaohs, that figure would be $70 Billion Dollars US.

So what we have is a Pharaoh who Looted $70 Billion Dollars from His Country Egypt over a period of 32 years and poured that Loot into a tomb in which he lay dead for 5000 years … And 5000 years later, we have another Pharaoh who Looted $70 Billion Dollars from his country Egypt over a period of 30 years.

Are we to say that it is just an application of the old cliché … History repeats itself? … Well … Let us take a second look at that history … The Guy who looted $70 Billion and poured it into an edifice and lay dead in it gave Egypt a Big Fat Hen that lays Golden Eggs, which has already reproduced the $70 Billion Dollars several times over in Tourism revenues, and will continue to lay Golden Eggs for as long as Egypt keeps it alive and well.

The other guy who Looted $70 Billion Dollars smuggled them secretly, stealthily and by connive out of Egypt and he is now lying in a borrowed hospital bed in abject scorn and contempt by his subjects, unable to lie in a pyramid or lie on top of his loot …

So where is that history that has repeated itself here? … It is probably buried among the secrets of Khufu at Giza. …

Rest in peace good old fellow Khufu, for I am certain, your great, great, great grand fellow Egyptians have forgiven your debt.

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In Egypt, Liberal Secularism Vs. Islam ... Attack on Islamist Extremists or on Islam

In Egypt, There is a Fungal Growth Called Liberal Secularism

There is one aspect  common to all strands of fungi; they become malodorous and emit pungent stench when they fester on a host.  Much like organic fungi, ideological fungi are also common in life and they too, are more prevalent than we tend to recognize. Equally true, is the fact that ideological fungi become morally malodorous and putrid once they fester in the non-inoculated minds of their unwitting host.
As with organic fungi, ideological fungi can be alien and exotic, or indigenous and local.     Ideological fungi can be borne on learning-trade-winds or travel by intellectual transportation. They commute on the nefarious pages of exported thought as well as on the servile backs of shadowy characters with insidious designs or shadowless characters with a mutably inbred ideological identity. They manifest while their host is in their quest to overcome  inferiority complexes or to satisfy squalid streaks.

In Egypt, the squalor of liberal secularism has invaded the intellectual circles in much the same manner a fungus invades a human host; growing on the pages of news and academic publications with a foreign agenda, and the alien digital pages of 21st century technology.

In the West, a liberal secularist finds freedom from moral imperatives in the utilitarian and pragmatic hymns of the biographies of Jeremy Bentham and the secular democratic wisdom of John Locke or the authoritarian tendencies of Thomas Hobbes. In Egypt, however, as it were, not only will a liberal secularist blindly and idiotically recite those hymns by heart, but will also imbecilically commit them to memory for ready pedantic and sophistic argument on the fly.

In Egypt, a liberal secularist, ignominiously will worship in the philosophical temples of Voltaire, and ignoramusly will visit the comical cathedrals of Molière.  They will even melancholically dance to the rational Rhythms of René Descartes.  He will do all that before he bothers himself with opening one volume for one of the juggernauts of Islamic thought such as Ibn Kholdoon.    

Ignorant, blind  and pitiful,  they will ridicule the fact that from the intellectual treasures of Ibn Kholdoon, Descartes stole his rationalism, Voltaire his satirical libertarian humanism, and Molière his humorous fatalism.

In Egypt, a liberal secularist will deny others their right to freely live by their Islamic cultural heritage, and their Divine moral principles, and will presume to impose on them an alien culture and ideology.  He will classify those who will accept his profligate ideas as sophisticated and progressive.  

In contrast,  he will stigmatize those who will dismiss the alien, nefariously libertine and squalid ideology, with ascetic disdain, as reactionaries, backwards and unsophisticated.

In Egypt, a liberal secularist, ignorant, pitiful and spiritually retarded, will clamor for separation of Islam from government.   Ignorantly, they will be equating Islam with other religions that had been deformed by charlatans and quacks in order that they could profiteer from their theological sales.   He will not be able to differentiate between Islam and Concocted cults derived from what had been Divine revelations before it was reborn in the wombs of cultural darkness, spiritual hatred and inhuman barbarism.   Cults whose priests preyed out of their scriptures everything divine that should have curtailed their wickedness. Priests who had transmogrified themselves into deities and prophets by word legerdemains for temporal gains leading to the utter destructive corruption of their faith and lives.

Islam, not-withstanding ignorance, was a divine constitution under who's auspices, the first nation with a supreme social contract was born.  It was the first nation whose rulers demanded of their subjects to reform them with their swards if they transgressed and repressed.  It was the first nation that granted women equal rights with men while demanding less responsibilities of them for their protection and for preserving their human dignities.   

A divine constitution that laid down the axiomatic models and covenants for a nation state with a penal code, a financial and trade regulatory system, and a comprehensive social law system that had not left a social hair unregulated.  All that while providing the universal wisdom for man and his institutions to formulate the jurisprudential legislative laws and, by which they could govern with insight that progresses with society's progress.  It was a constitution that placed priorities for compassion over retribution.  It was a constitution that demanded and insisted on sincere regard for the welfare of humanity.

In Egypt, a covert fanatic and fraudulent liberal secularist will demand the separation of religion and state with crazed fervent and hateful prejudice. He will   insist on calling for closing the Masjids except for brief moments for daily prayers, but under government supervision, then turn around and announce the establishment of his new political party from the pulpit of his cathedral.   It is this hypocrisy and cunning fraud that he employs to curtail the deluge of sublime ideals in order that fraudulent secularism may promote his valueless business of immoral profiteering.

In Egypt, the liberal secularist will mobilize maximum resources to effect and stage brain washing campaigns on the simpletons of the people in order that they promote their secular ideology not by convention but by conviction of their opponents. Oddly, they will  cry wolves when they see that the Masjids which are the communion homes of all Muslims graduate popular forces the wake of which, create massive social vortices that demolish their nefarious designs for Socio-political squalor.

In Egypt fungal liberal secularists, deprived of grass roots and the ability to self-sustain, will fall from grace with their homeland and their national communities by accepting insidious and nefarious financial assistance from cunning and conniving foreign entities, the aim of which, is to undermine the cultural and national identity of the nation.    It is this treasonous act of foreign finance  that they use by connivance to circumvent the transparent democratic process. By influencing the national will, they clamor to adopt policies and dictates that promote their immoral filth which ultimately pours into the Zionist design on the nation and its destiny.

In Egypt, We will hear the rants and wailing of the fungal liberal secularists every time they meet their electoral demise. They will charge the great sectors of the populace with fraudulent ballots. Reprobate men and women embodying nefarious alien cultural identity and denying all forms of universal faith, the fungal secularists will pour their charges on Islamists with fraudulently contrived, ridiculously concocted  obscene claims the like of which can only come from an unholy creed whose only goal is to devoid the society of its moral compass and sublime faith.

But in the end, however, all fungi are either destroyed by the host’s natural immune system, or alternatively, when the host has had enough of the putrid  decay of the fungal growth, a powerful antifungal agent will be employed to eradicate the festering malodorous infection for once and for all.