Saturday, April 9, 2011

In Egypt, Liberal Secularism Vs. Islam ... Attack on Islamist Extremists or on Islam

In Egypt, There is a Fungal Growth Called Liberal Secularism

There is one aspect  common to all strands of fungi; they become malodorous and emit pungent stench when they fester on a host.  Much like organic fungi, ideological fungi are also common in life and they too, are more prevalent than we tend to recognize. Equally true, is the fact that ideological fungi become morally malodorous and putrid once they fester in the non-inoculated minds of their unwitting host.
As with organic fungi, ideological fungi can be alien and exotic, or indigenous and local.     Ideological fungi can be borne on learning-trade-winds or travel by intellectual transportation. They commute on the nefarious pages of exported thought as well as on the servile backs of shadowy characters with insidious designs or shadowless characters with a mutably inbred ideological identity. They manifest while their host is in their quest to overcome  inferiority complexes or to satisfy squalid streaks.

In Egypt, the squalor of liberal secularism has invaded the intellectual circles in much the same manner a fungus invades a human host; growing on the pages of news and academic publications with a foreign agenda, and the alien digital pages of 21st century technology.

In the West, a liberal secularist finds freedom from moral imperatives in the utilitarian and pragmatic hymns of the biographies of Jeremy Bentham and the secular democratic wisdom of John Locke or the authoritarian tendencies of Thomas Hobbes. In Egypt, however, as it were, not only will a liberal secularist blindly and idiotically recite those hymns by heart, but will also imbecilically commit them to memory for ready pedantic and sophistic argument on the fly.

In Egypt, a liberal secularist, ignominiously will worship in the philosophical temples of Voltaire, and ignoramusly will visit the comical cathedrals of Molière.  They will even melancholically dance to the rational Rhythms of René Descartes.  He will do all that before he bothers himself with opening one volume for one of the juggernauts of Islamic thought such as Ibn Kholdoon.    

Ignorant, blind  and pitiful,  they will ridicule the fact that from the intellectual treasures of Ibn Kholdoon, Descartes stole his rationalism, Voltaire his satirical libertarian humanism, and Molière his humorous fatalism.

In Egypt, a liberal secularist will deny others their right to freely live by their Islamic cultural heritage, and their Divine moral principles, and will presume to impose on them an alien culture and ideology.  He will classify those who will accept his profligate ideas as sophisticated and progressive.  

In contrast,  he will stigmatize those who will dismiss the alien, nefariously libertine and squalid ideology, with ascetic disdain, as reactionaries, backwards and unsophisticated.

In Egypt, a liberal secularist, ignorant, pitiful and spiritually retarded, will clamor for separation of Islam from government.   Ignorantly, they will be equating Islam with other religions that had been deformed by charlatans and quacks in order that they could profiteer from their theological sales.   He will not be able to differentiate between Islam and Concocted cults derived from what had been Divine revelations before it was reborn in the wombs of cultural darkness, spiritual hatred and inhuman barbarism.   Cults whose priests preyed out of their scriptures everything divine that should have curtailed their wickedness. Priests who had transmogrified themselves into deities and prophets by word legerdemains for temporal gains leading to the utter destructive corruption of their faith and lives.

Islam, not-withstanding ignorance, was a divine constitution under who's auspices, the first nation with a supreme social contract was born.  It was the first nation whose rulers demanded of their subjects to reform them with their swards if they transgressed and repressed.  It was the first nation that granted women equal rights with men while demanding less responsibilities of them for their protection and for preserving their human dignities.   

A divine constitution that laid down the axiomatic models and covenants for a nation state with a penal code, a financial and trade regulatory system, and a comprehensive social law system that had not left a social hair unregulated.  All that while providing the universal wisdom for man and his institutions to formulate the jurisprudential legislative laws and, by which they could govern with insight that progresses with society's progress.  It was a constitution that placed priorities for compassion over retribution.  It was a constitution that demanded and insisted on sincere regard for the welfare of humanity.

In Egypt, a covert fanatic and fraudulent liberal secularist will demand the separation of religion and state with crazed fervent and hateful prejudice. He will   insist on calling for closing the Masjids except for brief moments for daily prayers, but under government supervision, then turn around and announce the establishment of his new political party from the pulpit of his cathedral.   It is this hypocrisy and cunning fraud that he employs to curtail the deluge of sublime ideals in order that fraudulent secularism may promote his valueless business of immoral profiteering.

In Egypt, the liberal secularist will mobilize maximum resources to effect and stage brain washing campaigns on the simpletons of the people in order that they promote their secular ideology not by convention but by conviction of their opponents. Oddly, they will  cry wolves when they see that the Masjids which are the communion homes of all Muslims graduate popular forces the wake of which, create massive social vortices that demolish their nefarious designs for Socio-political squalor.

In Egypt fungal liberal secularists, deprived of grass roots and the ability to self-sustain, will fall from grace with their homeland and their national communities by accepting insidious and nefarious financial assistance from cunning and conniving foreign entities, the aim of which, is to undermine the cultural and national identity of the nation.    It is this treasonous act of foreign finance  that they use by connivance to circumvent the transparent democratic process. By influencing the national will, they clamor to adopt policies and dictates that promote their immoral filth which ultimately pours into the Zionist design on the nation and its destiny.

In Egypt, We will hear the rants and wailing of the fungal liberal secularists every time they meet their electoral demise. They will charge the great sectors of the populace with fraudulent ballots. Reprobate men and women embodying nefarious alien cultural identity and denying all forms of universal faith, the fungal secularists will pour their charges on Islamists with fraudulently contrived, ridiculously concocted  obscene claims the like of which can only come from an unholy creed whose only goal is to devoid the society of its moral compass and sublime faith.

But in the end, however, all fungi are either destroyed by the host’s natural immune system, or alternatively, when the host has had enough of the putrid  decay of the fungal growth, a powerful antifungal agent will be employed to eradicate the festering malodorous infection for once and for all.