Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Last Time We Saw Rachel

In the photo to the left, is Rachel lying unconscious as I rushed to her aid on Sunday, March 16 about 10:00 AM Rafah Time, in Gaza moments after the Zionist Jew Ran Her Over.

She was in Very Bright Red with highly reflective silver stripes that could not be missed for a mile, and was armed only with a Mega Phone. She was Very Clearly Visible to the Israeli Army Driver as he charged at her.

The IDF Zionist Jew driver had started his run at least 250 yards away from the North West of Rachel approaching her in a straight line. She was directly in his line of sight along with three other male members of her group who were standing, each near a spot to protect against demolition 300 yards to the East of where my group of three were standing guarding different sites.

The Zionist Jew Driver selected his target at which, Rachel had been kneeling to demonstrate that she would not budge.  The driver stopped momentarily at a distance of approximately 20 yards looking straight at Rachel kneeling, he leaned over looking her straight in the eyes to let her know he meant business, and then he charged at her. Rachel sprang up and began to shout at the driver in her megaphone. The driver slightly changed course pointing his bulldozer squarely towards her.

At this point, Rachel began jumping up and down raising both arms with the megaphone in her right, but the Zionist Jew Driver increased his speed continuing his charge towards her mounting a massive pile of dirt by the blade and pushing it perilously and ominously heaping and forward.

First, his blade was ground level. Once he was 5 yards away from her, Rachel had begun to panic because there was no escape and she realized she was in trouble. She climbed on top of the mound of dirt and tried to maintain her balance by holding onto the cross bar. But the IDF Zionist Jew driver raised the 4 ton blade to her level and thrust forward knocking her over.

Once she fell, he dropped the blade immediately under its full weight on top of her in a free fall manner, conceivably by a snapping action discharging all hydraulic pressure in an obvious maneuver to crush Rachel, who was at this point being completely overtaken and buried by the pile of dirt that was mounting on top of her as the blade was dropped down on her delicate and fragile frame. 

The Zionist Jew driver stopped, leaned forward again, and seeing that he had buried Rachel under his machine, reversed and made sure that the 4 ton blade passed flat down over her, further burring her deeper alive after crushing every bone in her body into pulp. 
Two members of her team had beaten me to her as I rushed to her aid and frantically dug her up while the third member went to the Zionist Jew driver cursing him in English. 

The Jew driver did not even attempt to look at him and proceeded to carry out the demolition as if he had just killed an insect and not a peace-loving precious human being; (Zionist Jews have subhuman nature.)

Rachel could not open her eyes and was barely breathing with extreme difficulty, and was moaning in a horrific tremulously shaken voice mixed with her difficult breathing as I held her steady and carefully to keep her from moving. All she was able to murmur was, “My Back's Broken." ... Seconds later, she exhaled as if in euphoric relief and stopped talking.... As we waited for the ambulance, I looked at her, and she had this beautiful, faint but very distinct smile on her face...

A Palestinian Ambulance transported her to the hospital where all attempts to revive her failed. We all arrived minutes after the ambulance in the company of a Palestinian Friend in his car. She was pronounced dead by Dr. Hussam Awadley, the chief trauma surgeon. Female members of her group exploded in uncontrollable crying agony.

I looked at her again before Dr. Awadley covered her still body. She was still wearing the same faint smile ... She had been smiling at the time she was being softly cradled over, departing on her eternal journey in the graceful company of the angels of mercy! ... 

While reporters of Western and Israeli media clamored to get full coverage, crowding all of us and making a circus out of the event,  Dr. Awadley told me to make sure that her family would not have her body embalmed nor washed.  "She is a martyr and must be buried in her bloodied cloths that she is wearing now." He said. ... I told her parents upon their arrival to receive Rachel's body. When I explained to her mother the Islamic doctrine of martyrdom, she wept and acquiescently promised she would make absolutely sure she was, though I was certain that, in her state of shock, grief and anger, she could not make sense of everything she heard.


After 7 years of her family’s struggle to bring justice against the Zionist Jew Driver while the Israeli government played every trick in the book to discredit Rachel and her International Solidarity Movement, of which, I myself was a member present in Gaza with our entire mission divided into several teams, the Israeli Driver just came out of court with a Not Guilty Verdict ... Not surprising knowing the criminal nature of the Israeli Zionists.

Palestinians know the death of one American receives more attention than the killing of hundreds of Muslims. 'It is a fact. 'That's the way things are in this world. I wish it wasn't. 

 Richard Purcell, Rachel Corrie's Group member in Rafah