Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

In the jubilation that followed Jan25 Egyptian uprising against former despotic dictator Hosni Mubarak, Hillary Clinton, then US secretary of state, did not waste time when, in a hastily convened press conference, did not mince words by declaring that popular revolutions were healthy but in the case of a pivotal state like Egypt, we must be careful and we must guide this revolution and take it by the hands if necessary in order to protect US strategic interests.

When pressed further, Mrs. Clinton said that the US could not possibly allow the uprising to move hastily. The process must move slowly, very slowly, under our watching and guiding eyes and we will help the Egyptian people to achieve a lasting democracy, she said.

Mrs. Clinton was referring to a popular revolution that had all the sound bites of Anti Americanism. Mubarak was regarded as a US staunch ally and gate keeper to the security of Israel. The revolution sounded a different tune, and Mrs. Clinton was making sure everyone heard her message.

The Obama administration, guided by a powerful pro-Israel cadre of Zionist advisers permeating the entire US State Department and the White House, took quick steps to augment the US guiding role in the events ensuing in Egypt. Anne Patterson; An Ardent Zionist Diplomat was quickly summoned from her post of chief of US mission in Pakistan to replace US ambassador in Egypt Margaret Scobey to whom, Egypt was regarded as too big a shoe for her foot.

Anne Patterson immediately got down to business. She placed priorities over the roles and functions of all the NGOs which had been operating in Egypt under the supervision of various US State agencies. She also requested, and was granted a 1000% increase in their US funded budget.

While the CIA had an office in the US embassy compound in garden City, Cairo, operating under the auspices of diplomatic covers, Anne Patterson made full use of their experience while establishing extensive relationships with Egypt’s numerous political party heads, justices of the powerful Supreme Court, and media moguls, in addition to prominent libertine politicians and political science academics known for their total conformity with US views and values.

Neither the US State Department nor the CIA had to reinvent the wheel in dealing with the precarious political theater in post revolution Egypt. In fact both had extensive experiences in addressing popular revolutions aimed at dislodging US hegemony.

All the signs of the current political turmoil in Egypt indicate that the Zionist-guided US policy has been fruitful and has achieved most if not all its intended goals; slow, chaotic transition, toppling of an expected Muslim Brotherhood easy win at the ballot, and protracted political quagmire. Those were only the first steps. The return of the role of the powerful pro-Israel Junta was a pleasant bonus but not a surprise.

Egypt, as intended by her US based Zionist planners, is now in total social turmoil, economically at the edge of bankruptcy, and politically narrow-escaping a status of failed state. It is exactly where it has been planned for her, weak, confused and striving for bare survival with a hat in hand for US and Oil Arab largess.

So vulnerable Muslim Egypt is that every plan in the Zionist agenda for her, from moral decadence promoting homosexuality and open adultery to the disintegration of social values holding the fabric of society together, to profligate consumerism, are easily carried out with little to no resistance except from the marginalized and disenfranchised Muslim groups who, now, are by and large in prisons or fugitives of the powerful coup d’├ętat regime.

Campaigns for fresh presidential election will soon be underway under the auspices of a cruel military dictatorship whose hands are stained with the blood of oppositions. But the climate is ambiguous and observers are deferring judgment until the chief of Junta makes a public declaration of his intention.