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The Origin of the Children of Israel, Jews and Early Christians

Interesting Facts about  the Early Israelites and Early Christians

The Photograph Depicts The Possible Route That Jesus' Mother was said to have taken to the Manger Where Jesus Was Born. The Photograph is an Extremely Rare and Possibly The Only One of its Kind Extant, Was taken From The US Embassy, Jerusalem Just Before what Palestinians call "Nakbah" .... Which is Arabic for catastrophe; the Jew-invasion of the land of Palestine. 



The Qupts of Egypt (Christian Egyptians) are not Nassara and do not like to be called Nassara. … The word Qupt derives its origin from the Greek “Egyptus” and had been adulterated through historic and geographic linguistic evolution as follows: Egyptus, Gyptus, Goptus, Gopt and “Qupt or Qopt.”

Christianity came to Egypt very early on during the mission of the Messiah Jesus Christ , and all early 1st Century Christian Egyptians were Unitarians. … Late 1st and second Century doctrinal changes and the amalgamation of the Egyptian Age-Old Trinitarian Doctrine of Osiris-Isis and Horus with Early Christian tenet shaped the second and later Christian Trinitarian Doctrine in Alexandria, then the greatest center of civilization on the face of the Earth, and the focal center of all bearers of the beacons of learning and knowledge in the old world. 

The Gospel of Saint Thomas, dismissed by modern day Christian Qupts as heretic, marked the first attempt to transmogrify Unitarian doctrine into the now established Trinitarian tenet.


The Jews Time-Line is divided into Three Distinct Historical Eras; 1) The Bondage in Egypt, 2) The Holy land and 3) The 2nd Diaspora … But the name or noun or adjective JEW was never applied until they actually entered into the land of Judea & Samaria (Yahooda & Samera).

12 Tribes all in all, some of whom settled in Judea & Samaria in Central Palestine, and the remaining tribes conquered the northern Galilee with the main town known as Nazareth (Al-Nasserah), hence were known as the Nazarene, hence Al-Yahood and Al-Nassara (in the Quran.)

(Note that there was also a village bearing the same name (Nazareth) Near Jerusalem, but that’s where the Jews after the 1st Diaspora referred to Jesus’s Birth Place to make him a Jew instead of a Nazarene!)

Prior to entering the Holy Land, all the tribes had been referred to as The Children of Israel until Jesus made his mission known to them (to all the Children of Israel.) … The Jews, however, claim Jesus to be a Jew … He was not …… Jew means “Of Judea” … Jesus was an Imranite from the family lineage of Imran who in turn, were Nazarene dwelling in northern Galilee and not Jerusalem as the Jews would have us believe.

The New Testament of the Christian Bible refers to him as “Jesus of Nazareth.” … The Pharisees or the Scribes of the Jews dismissed all the tribes who had refused to settle in Judea and Samaria as apostate and did not accept them as “Jews.”, hence, the distinction between “Al-Yahood and Al-Nassara”

Initially, all the tribes of Israel settling in Nasserah (Nazareth), out of whom, the family of Emran descended, embraced Jesus’s message and constituted the Nasara, to whom the Quran refers. Whereas, the Jews (Al-Yahood) were the biggest tribes who had settled Judea & Samaria, to whom the Quran refers as Al- Yahood. 

You will notice that, before Jesus (Eisa), the Quran never referred to them as Al-Yahood … This came only after Jesus … Before Jesus, All of them had been referred to as “ Banee Israeel” (the Children of Israel.) فآمنت طاىفة من بنى إسراىيل وكفرت طاىفة … Meaning some tribes of Bani Israeel Embraced Jesus and the Jews rejected him (Kafarat.)

Of exceptional note, historians follow this rule of thumb;  all the Jews belong to the Children of Israel ( Bani Israeel.) … But Not all the Children of Israel (Bani Israeel) are Jews.

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Maybe We Have Lost Our Innocence. But I Will Never Give up the Dream.

The Photograph is of a Jerusalem Masjid and a Church sharing the same 
gardens and landscape ... Taken from the Archives of the US embassy, Jerusalem.

Maybe We Have Lost Our Innocence.
But I Will Never Give up the Dream.

Around mid-December 2010, a meeting was organized by the Geneva Initiative and brought together Israeli and Palestinian legislators with Israeli peace activists in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine. Prominent members present included Hanan Ashrawi who was making headlines as a prominent member of the PLO during the Arafat Era according to Julian Walsh of the BBC World Service. 

In the introduction to the interview, Julian Wash said that when the Madrid peace conference convened in October 1991, Ashrawi, a professor of English literature from Ramallah, was appointed member of the Palestinian negotiating team. 

She represented the new, enlightened face of the PLO: Palestinian patriot, peace-seeker, intellectual, woman and Christian all in one. The talks with the Israeli delegation were limping along and getting nowhere when the astounding news of the completion of the Oslo peace accords arrived unexpectedly in September 1993. 

Ashrawi said that when the first reports came in, she asked one of her colleagues: "Are you sure there's nothing about a settlement freeze? She said she could not disguise her anger at her colleagues from Tunis. She explained in the interview that the Palestinian representatives at the Oslo talks were living in exile and not sufficiently aware of what living under occupation and the theft of lands really meant.

She told BBC’s Julian Walsh that from the beginning, when they met with James Baker, they asked him to stop all settlements. He said the only way to stop them would be to start negotiations. And that has been the repeated mantra; … Negotiations will stop settlements. The only thing they got was settlement expansion, loss of land, and loss of credibility in the occupied territories; they saw there was a process for its own sake, without substance or application to reality … They were naïve, and they didn’t know it!

Asked about the role of the committee, she said that, among other things, the committee works against false arrests and torture, illegal dismissals from the police force and failure to heed court rulings. The BBC said that In January 1996, Ashrawi was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council as an independent candidate from the Jerusalem district. No candidate received more votes than she did, Julian Wash explained in the one full hour program.
For three years, she was the Palestinian minister of higher education and research. She founded the Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy, which deals with leadership, women's rights, information and policy.
She said that In 2006, she became a member of the committee supervising the negotiations with the Israelis. Last year, she ran as an independent candidate for a seat on the 18-member PLO Executive Committee. She became the first woman member of this senior body. 

Julian Walsh asked her Almost 20 years have passed since she first took part in negotiations with Israelis. “Do you believe you will ever get to meet with them when they are no longer representing occupiers and occupied?

She said: "I believe the Israelis never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. When matters come close, something happens and they back down. They think they are not really occupiers because of the wall, which is both physical and metaphorical - they are spared the ugliness of the occupation."

Julian Walsh asked her what she wanted to leave the audience with, she said: “When I was asked in the '90s whether we would see a PA state before the end of the century, I said of course - that's what I promised my daughters - we owe it to our children. And now here we are, and it's heartbreaking. But we can't give up. Maybe we have lost our innocence. But I will never give up the dream.

The Hunt For Zionist War Criminals, Truth or Hypocrisy?

Does anyone ever wonder why great effort is made at the behest of world Jews to hunt down and prosecute suspected Nazi war criminals and no effort is made, under the pressure of world Jews, to bring Zionist war criminals to justice?

It is abundantly clear that every attempt to bring Zionist war criminals to justice gets blocked, and every attempt to institute international decrees or legislation to criminalize Zionist war crimes gets killed at inception. Furthermore, every attempt to subject Zionist war criminals to arrest warrants once out of the state of Israel have been thwarted thanks to the vehement intimidation exerted by world Zionism on the international body of nations.

The stark hypocrisy with which Nazi war criminals are hunted down while Zionist war criminals are exonerated can be gleaned through one look at what the BBC does … A giant and prestigious news, information and entertainment media the caliber of the BBC is at best circumspect when its World News Service runs a lengthy story with the headline Global Nazi investigations rise for a second year in a row. 

The editor of this program, which had a parallel copy running simultaneously on the BBC web site, was a character who Runs a photography studio, owns a liquor store and a nude club, is a BBC journalist and grew up in Malta’s red-light district.” (His other 50 listed stories for the BBC include “Brilliant” News for Lesbian Couples and “What Sort of Man Wears “Mantyhose”?) … That was the sort of, or the caliber rather, of a journalist in whom the BBC placed its global trust to run a Nazi war criminals hunt story … 

Without Internet search engines, Neither I nor any average news consumer would have had a clue about this character!

The sleazy journalist’s story was based on the latest report by the Wiesenthal Center which is a Zionist owned and operated Israeli think tank … According to it, the number of ongoing investigations tipped 1500 cases in the year 2010 alone!

The head of this Wiesenthal Center Jerusalem branch was quoted on the NYT as saying there were two reasons for the rise in the number of prosecutions. 1)“It’s clear that we’re reaching the end of the period in which this work will be possible; because all suspects will be dead. 

This has motivated countries falling under the Zionist’s political will to make great efforts to prosecute former Nazis, the most recent and celebrated case was in the United States.

And 2)Many countries and Germany in particular have changed their laws under Jewish pressure, to allow more suspects – particularly those who were not officer class and those of non-German origin – to be prosecuted.” The increase in the number of German prosecutions was the most dramatic, up from 27 in 2008 to 1077 in 2009. And that was why the Israeli Center awarded Germany an A-grade for its efforts to prosecute ex-Nazis. Previously only the United States had been given the SWC’s top marks.

The Center gave nine countries failing grades for their investigative efforts -Norway, Sweden, Syria, Australia, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Had there been an institution working to bring Zionist war criminals to justice, it would have awarded failing grades to every country on the face of the Earth.

The last affront to human dignity, and the international rule of law and justice was Barack Obama’s burial of the Goldstone Report … It is surely proof that calling and holding Israel’s war criminal politicians to account for their crimes is governed by the degree of Zionist’s connivance and the hypocrisy of the West who see Israel as their front line for their war against Islam.

Guilt By Association, The Nuremberg Doctrine

Guilt By Association, The Nuremberg Doctrine

We observe with great amusement how vociferous the voices which object to naming Zionist Jews culprits for the crimes against humanity committed by the Israelis against Palestinians.

And we observe the tears of crocodiles shed by Jews where ever they exist when fingers are pointed at them for war crimes perpetrated by their compatriots in Israel against an unarmed civilian population under criminal occupation in their own country in Palestine.
And we watch with great curiosity the reaction and expressions of hatred and venom on the faces of Jews when we refer to the Zionist's greatest land armed robbery in the history of the world.

Our amusement should not stop at world Jewry or Judeo-Christian neocons, or American Evangelicals for this matter. Those can be lump-summed in a category of their own for being more Jew-like than the Jews themselves. But it extends to a whole new generation of Muslims in the Islamic world, who have been brain-washed, having been subjected to American Zionist influence in their respective countries. The Zionist Jew literally rewrote and redesigned their national education systems so as to wipe clean the records of Jew-connivance and atrocities along their biblical, their post-Titus and their medieval as well as their modern history.

So the question remains; should we blame all Zionist Jews for the war crimes and Crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Israeli Jews on the unarmed civilian Palestinians; Men, women and children? The answer is very simple. And to demonstrate how simple it is, let us run this thought experiment by asking ourselves the following questions:

1- Do the Jewish people, anywhere they exist, call for the return of Israelis to Brooklyn, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Poland or whatever land they came from when they committed the world's greatest land armed robbery in Palestine? 
2- Do they call for Returning Palestine to the Palestinians unconditionally? 
3- Do they call for making reparations and paying compensations to Palestinians for war crimes committed against them since their wanton and criminal invasion of Palestine in the beginning of the 20th century and immediately after WW II?

If the answer would be yes, if that would be what the rest of the Jewish people would call for, then I would have nothing against the Jewish people. But they would not; not many of them, not a few, not any! The Jews, whether in Israel or outside Israel have committed those war crimes and used the Nazi holocaust to justify them. They shed tears of crocodiles for what Hitler did to them as an excuse for their wanton crimes in Palestine. 

Some Jews  pretend to be against Israeli atrocities, but they never call for true justice in Palestine! Not for a second will they ever call for one Jew to leave the land of Palestine. But they will not hesitate to demand Palestinians to look for another country to live in and leave Palestine to Jews.

Many have argued that some remnants of a certain rabbinical order protest vehemently the existence of the state of Israel. To them I say if they still exist, they're either less than a handful or they have already become extinct ... Besides, all other Jews who oppose Israel, are not against Israeli existence on Palestinian land; rather they are merely against what they call, "Harsh treatment of Palestinians in the state of Israel!" 

Let us be absolutely clear on this issue. It was the Jews who committed the greatest Land Theft in human history, armed robbery style, and it was the Jews who used the world media that they own and control to deceive the human race in the greatest disinformation subterfuge in the history of the world.  

Some Jews, connivingly, claim that it is the Zionist Jews and not all Jews ... So what do the rest of the Jews call for? ... They may call for some leniency in the manner in which atrocities are committed!  ... Some honorable mention do they really deserve, right! ... Wrong! ... Zionist Jews are no different from any other Jews; they all claim Palestine as their God-Given land.  For anyone to make the distinction is to fall into the conspiracy of deception and perpetuate the crime.

Yet The Jews, worldwide, never waste an opportunity to wail and squeal  Antisemitism, demanding that we should stop pointing at them regarding their Zionist crimes. Brazenly and connivingly, using their owned world media, they call the Palestinians "Terrorists!" because they demand their homeland back and are ready to fight for their legitimate cause…

They are as innocent as serpents and vipers. The murderers of biblical prophets. What did Jesus call them? … He called them Hypocrites, Serpents, Brood of Serpents, vipers, brood of vipers … He called them Murderers of the Prophets of God … Their modern time breeds actually accuse Jesus Christ of being an Anti-Semite! And they demand purging his name from all canonical Bibles.

They murdered Josiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Imran, Zachariah, and John the Baptist? They trotted the Holy Land claiming that they murdered Jesus Christ himself? Now they squarely, connivingly blame the Romans for it! They have actually successfully convinced Christians of this! Revising the Torah, and biblical history and parables by fraud has been a profession some of them have bequeathed; generations to the next since Moses.

The greatest subterfuge in modern human history has been  cooked in the Jew-media and executed in a manner that would ensure the world would see only contrived images of victims of an industrial commercial hoax; the holocaust. The Palestinian land theft has been so distorted, turning victim to villain so that the world would wish to see the time the Palestinians would just as well disappear and go somewhere else.... 

Jews' war crimes in Occupied Palestine and crimes against humanity have been transmogrified into legitimate war against what they called "terrorist Palestinians." A scam they called "new Anti-Semitism" was concocted to turn the world's attention away from their criminal atrocities being perpetrated against the Palestinians.... Those Jews, everywhere, and anywhere are just as guilty ... They are Guilty by conspiracy, guilty by complacency, and guilty by association. 

Guilt by association is the charge with which the International Jew slammed every German during the Nuremberg Trials and they still do to milk more money out of Germany for what Hitler supposedly did to them.

What do Jews say in defense against all these charges … They’ll never deny them because they can’t deny them; instead, they’ll call you an Anti-Semite!!!!! What is an Anti-Semite? … An Anti-Semite is one who knows the truth about the Jews and Fears Not telling the truth about the Jews!

Got it Now, Zionist Jews?


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So The Question is, Can You Actually Imagine What a Trillion Dollars Look Like?

We Hear that a Million Dollars is a lot of Money! ... Then We have Found out that Mubarak's Loot is Between $40 and 70 Billion Dollars! ... Then Al Ahram Center For Strategic Studies has Published a Research Paper revealing that the Total Looted and Smuggled Money Out of Egypt throughout the Past 30 Years is 1.4 Trillion Dollars clipped out of the bread, Fool and Falaffel of the starving class of Egypt.

So The Question is, Can You Actually Imagine What a Trillion Dollars Look Like? ... 

Let us Find Out, Shall We?

Let Us Start With a $100 Bill
A $100 Bill is the Largest US Currency Denomination in Circulation


This is a Bundle of 100 X $100 Bills
The Total value of this Bundle is $10,000


The Illustration Below Shows you the Relative Size of a Stack of 
1 Million Dollars Compared to An Average Person

A Stack of $1,000,000


If You have a Heart Condition, Quit Now

This is What One Hundred Million Dollars Look Like

This is What $One Billion (Milliard) Dollars Look Like


Now We have Arrived at Where We Will Be Able To See What a Trillion Dollars Look Like

 Trillion Dollars is What Mubarak's Thieves Were Able To Loot and Smuggle Out of Egypt Over the Past 30 Years

Notice The relative Size Between The Stack of Money 

and The Person Standing in Front of it!

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Perhaps the Greatest and Purest Collection of Literary Heritage in Existence

The Late Sir Steven Runciman, Royal Crown Historian and Chief Archivist of the British   Imperial Archives; perhaps the Most Eminent Historian of the 20th century, was Chair-Master (Chairman of the Department) of History at both Oxford and Cambridge simultaneously, and the only Professor of history to have occupied this most eminent of academic ranks in the entire history of the two great rival universities.

Sir Steven Visited دار الكتب, (literally, The House of Books) in Cairo, in 1968 and described it as, "Perhaps the Greatest and Purest Collection of Literature of Modern Human Heritage in Existence."

His visit was in response to an invitation  by the Egyptian ministry of culture and information to examine its condition and consult on its restoration and the introduction of modern archival science and technology to it ... He didn't waste one minute and got to work immediately.

He laid down a restoration plan, and, seeing that it was a priceless literary wealth for humanity, he called for the immediate government decree to place it under "State Eminent Domain" ... That is to prohibit by the force of law any attempt to tamper with, or remove any of its contents for any reason, purpose or guise without joint government and public supervision, and only for the purpose of restoration, improvement or development of its archival systems and buildings. 

At the time, Egypt was at war with the Sons of Zion (بنى صهيون) and all resources were being funneled to the war budget, so the project was shelved unnecessarily when it could have been protected pending securing the necessary restoration funds which, the UNICEF was happy to front.  Unfortunately, the nation had  very serious national security issues on its hands that had diverted its attention away from the project. 

In 1971 the great Late Nasser of Egypt died, and was succeeded by his vice president, Anwar Al Sadat, a much lesser figure in leadership and human qualities.... His wife, Jihanne Ra'Oof Al Sadat was entrusted with some domestic projects including The House of Books "دار الكتب" but she failed miserably in everything she placed her hands on with the exception of diluting the moral fortitude of the Egyptian society.

Anwar Al Sadat was dispatched to his maker by members of a persecuted Islamic group, and was succeeded by his vice president whom we now know as the “Ousted Dictator” and his greedy thieving wife that we now know as “Suzette Antoinette.”

Suzette Antoinette stood accused of selling priceless contents of the House of Books "دار الكتب" to some unscrupulous shadowy characters from Arabia more than a decade ago; a scandal that had led to the revival of Sir Steven's  restoration project.

Now, The House of Books "دار الكتب" has been partially, but not professionally, restored. Yet, despite its United Nation's status as a preeminent  cultural center, and when the libraries of the greatest Universities of the world offer glimpse of its literary treasures in the form of catalogs and references, it is almost unknown to most Egyptians. 

Much like The House of Books "دار الكتب", Sir Steven  was ignored by the culture that he had championed. Sir Steven, who died in  late 2000 and was mourned by every great university and academic institution on Earth, including Zionist entities, even though he himself was anti-Zionist, was unknown in the Arab world ........

He was the great historian who, having laid his eyes on the authentic history of the crusades in the House of Books, literally leaped in the air at age 71 out of exuberance, and said, "Now the truth shall finally see daylight." ... 

He spent ten years journeying between Cairo, London, Oxford and Cambridge exerting supreme scholastic effort and influence, and wrote his monumental  "A History of the Crusades." ...A gigantic three volume work of 1800 page each, narrating the barbaric history of the European crusading campaigns in the East under the guise of liberating the Holy Land from the "savage muslims." ... 

This work stands now as the greatest narrative of the barbaric crusading campaigns ever written by a scholar of western thought. It is a testament to how the ugly face of barbarism could be unveiled by an honest scholar and historian once given the opportunity.

Sir Steven established the "Salah Eddean" Chair in the department of history at Cambridge University which, became the most prestigious academic chair in the department  of the humanities of all British Universities, and occupied only by the greatest of academicians  who must receive at least 70% of the commendations and vote of confidence from their peers to become candidates for the post.

With the death of Sir Steven  in November of 2000, the Zionist Jews of Cambridge conspired by bribes and monetary influence to have the chair name withdrawn and replaced by the name sake of a Jew historian.

Not one Arabic University, Not One Arabic News Publication, and Not One Arabic News Media ever mentioned Sir Steven Runciman, the man who honored Salah Eddean so much so that he re-opened the entire history of the Crusades and re-examined it to show his own people how great Islam was vs. the barbaric wanton criminal atrocities perpetrated by those who called themselves Christians.

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The White House / Israel , Cairo / Riyadh Axis, Hiding the Black Book

The Secret Axis, Damage Control by Hiding the Black Book

No Revolutionary Trials
No charges of corruption and profiteering
Will be Raised
The Loot Requires Diplomacy to be Returned to the Public Treasury.

There are those who know that what is taking place in the wings is far, far greater than what is being promulgated to the public for consumption.  Mubarak’s is a case for careful examination and should never be taken for granted.

Information coming from private sources inside the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces tells a story, part of which is now well known and the remaining is subject to many speculations.  But what is certain about this information is it tells us  without equivocation that Mubarak’s destiny had long been discussed and concrete steps had been taken different from what has been released to the public . Mubarak, it is almost now certain, will not be tried, not really. Unless a cataclysmic degree of public anger is displayed Mubarak’s investigation will be farcical in nature, and designed only to mollify and placate the angry public.

Lt. Genral Sammy Anan With US Counterpart
To understand how events have progressed, and for everything to make sense, a brief background may be necessary for anyone who had not been there in Tahrir physically or digitally.

In the early hours of the revolution, there were very few exchanges with the Americans, if any. Though the Americans are riding the revolutionary parade, and claim that they had coordinated and trained many revolutionary elements, there is no concrete evidence that they had beaten the drums of the revolutionary march. 

And While some documentary TV programs that have appeared on the web do point out to  free and coordinated access to foreign media, there is no evidence that there was official US involvement in the early stages of the uprising.

During the early days, however, and once the uprising had shown signs of fruitfulness most of the exchanges with the Americans were reciprocal information between the White House Specialists on the Middle East and Tantawi’s Office in Koverey Lqubbah as well as Joint General Command in Medinet Nassir. Very few were fielded to O’roobah Palace in Heliopolis to Mubarak himself, and those messages were advisory in nature for Mubarak to step down peacefully and spare the nation untold consequences.

In General, America had no precise information on the timing or scope of the event. Much like Mubarak's regime, the US embassy Cairo had heard rumors and read digital messages, in addition to having knowledge of NGO training Egyptian elements on peaceful civil disobedience but that was it.  The US embassy’s Zionist Jewess Ambassador; Maggie Scobey, was, like everybody else, taken by surprise and could not provide any intelligence to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The White House had no choice but to rely on Pentagon’s communication with Lt. General Sammy Annan, who, early on was at the Pentagon and had to cut his visit short when the temperature of Tahrir rose to a critical degree.

The White House obtained a very solid promise from General  Annan that he would not obey any orders to use the army against the civilian population. That promise was obtained from the General  while he was still in DC at the pentagon, and was confirmed several times after his return to his Offices both at Joint General Command in Madinet Nassr and the old defense ministry in Kobreyl Qubbah.

General Annan discussed this heatedly with Field Marshal Tantawi, who while had no objection to the principle, resented that his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should  have made that decision and given such promises without deferring the matter to him first.  
                                                                                                                               US Zionist Jew Joe Lieberman
Eventually, however, they both put the matter behind them especially when the difference was one of order and chain of command as well as military decorum rather than disagreement on duty and strategy. Lt. General Annan, however, was not 100% certain of his Boss' absolute and incontrovertible stance on initial action.

After January 28th, both Tantawi and Annan, along with all senior members of the Brass had no squabble on what their action should be, and with Mubarak’s intransigence, leading to ordering the army to crush the uprising by any and all means necessary, a decision was made to isolate him and his Old Crone along with their son.  

Indeed the minute they sensed that they did not have a president, but a family acting as if monarchs or the royal overlords of the land, They called the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to convene without Mubarak.  This action alone, since Mubarak was the commander in chief of the armed forces, meant without the shadow of a doubt that his 30-year reign with absolute hold on power was over.

Air Marshal Reda Mahmoud Hafez; Commanding General of the Air force ordered Cairo-West air base’s commanding officer to dispatch a squadron from their fighter air wing to fly  “greeting formation” passes over Tahrir Square to reassure the millions that Egypt’s armed forces were on their side. Unfortunately neither the protesters nor the press understood what “Greeting Formation” flights were and thought that the  F-16  fighter jets screaming over their heads were exhibiting  hostile intentions against the civilians and gave defying fist signs with roaring cries as if to say, “We’re not scared of you.” ... Even foreign media were confused and reported this as a warning of impending aerial bombardment or scare tactics.

All those events were taking place while intensive communication was underway between the Tantawi-Annan
Once the regime had fallen and was out of all official channels of communication, the US turned its attention to ensuring its strategic interests were not being threatened.  The US had full confidence in the military institution but had no idea what the popular uprising might draw into the theater of influence in Egypt. This prompted intensive direct talks between the parties.

High level Congressional envoys including the most ardent Zionists of them all arrived one after another for closed door talks with Tantawi. They had extensive talks and discussed Egypt / Israel relations and the imperatives of continuing the current level of cooperation. They also discussed the treaties, The Muslim Groups and the Mubaraks. There was a lengthy talk regarding Mubarak.    

Britain’s Prime minister came to talk with both Tantawi and Ahmad Shafiq (then acting prime minister) regarding Britain's concern with the Muslim groups gaining power in Egypt, and stressed the necessity for moving towards democratic changes slowly and gradually in order that a wider sector of liberal secularists might have a chance to organize and launch a successful promotional political campaign.

Israel and the Treaties were given high attention ostensibly to allay any Israeli concerns. Mubarak & his Loot were also discussed with emphasis on what might potentially end up to be a public lynching . They also discussed, apparently, the imperative for a European standard legal proceedings against convicted members of the ousted regime.  Tantawi wasted no time allaying his British interlocutor's concern regarding military tribunals.  David Cameron was impressed by what he heard from Tantawi regarding the deeply rooted traditions of Egypt's Judiciary system which has direct roots in both French and British counterparts. 

The EU sent its chief of parliament to discuss Muslim groups, election, and transfer of power.  She conveyed the EU community's concerns  with any quick movement towards election, which might give the Muslim groups a clear advantage over the highly unorganized secularists. They also discussed Mubarak and the looted funds in EU banks as well as string attachments to EU financial assistance.   

But perhaps one of the more sensitive issues about which, the EU member states were concerned, had to do with the nature of future trials for members of the deposed regime and whether capital punishment would ever be considered especially when there were close to 1000 killed by police snipers and assault including children and infants.

French President Sarkozy dispatched both his Prime Minster and Foreign Minister to discuss Muslim Groups, Israel, the Treaties, and the Mubaraks. So intensive was the French attention to Mubarak's destiny that Tantawi thought that all those high level envoys were on Mubarak’s Death-Will, lining up to inherit his Loot!

Tantawi was also dismayed by the incredible and hypocritical degree of paranoia regarding Muslim groups while Muslims were being persecuted and targeted by Christian Extremists everywhere in their countries. Tantawi did not waste much time reminding the French delegations that while he understood the problem arising from Jewish lobby pressures in their country, it was not a problem that would keep him awake at night in Egypt. 

                                                                       EU Parliament  Zionist Jewess  Ashton

Tantawi had to give assurances that all national Security secrets would remain 100% protected and Mubarak himself would be protected by the army. During the uprising, Tantawi-Annan had to agree to provide the US with assurances that, in exchange for his resignation, Mubarak would not be subject to any uncontrolled proceedings such as public Kangaroo Trials where, he would be forced to answer questions regarding top secret US / Egypt national security arrangements.

This explains the army’s frantic reaction once State Security Buildings were compromised by the revolution where revolutionary elements had invaded several buildings, and documents were grabbed. 

The US was quick to immediately sound  loud alarms to protect or destroy those documents and leave no paper trails. Digital files were rescued and the military kept them in highly secured archives. The US was very pleased with the military’s quick reaction. 

All documents destructions were sanctioned and pre-approved by Tantawi or his assistants. All State Security officers who were arrested for documents destruction without specific orders were subsequently released. No action was taken against them nor were they subject to any investigation. The public was given various cover stories that had been pre-rehearsed.

Tantawi's policy with remnants of the old regime's police apparatus was  pragmatic. The police is not the State Security, yet State Security is a crucial division of the police. All the police excesses which were unforgivable by the people were equally unforgivable by the military.

The dilemma resided in what to do with internal security should a decision for collective punishment be taken?  Undoubtedly many police personnel acted in pure criminal fashion. They were arrested and are still in detention pending trials. 

The question remained, however, that despite the fact that the people's demands to dismantle the entire police apparatus are valid, no government, be it as it may, transitional, civilian or military could just dispense with the nation's police apparatus and replace it with fresh cadres. 

What Marshall Tantawi did was all he could do with what he had to maintain law and order, and even at that, law and order had either disintegrated or suffered severe blows in many parts of the country even with many units of the army acting as police to help in maintaining the security of the street.

France's Zionist Half Jew Sarkozy
The question of the family Loot was a very delicate matter and it was agreed that it would not be discussed until sufficient information was gathered and collected. Contrary to what the public and press had been told, The Old Crone and Her Two sons did travel abroad on the private jet several times, apparently, to take care of  family Loot.   Marshal Tantawi put an end to it once the Flight Crew complained that they were being coerced by the Old Crone to break the rules.

Meanwhile, across the ocean in the US, The Mubarak’s attorney in Washington DC, in what was described as one of the greatest blunders of US State Department's recent history of gaffes, was summoned by Hillary Clinton, and was designated her special envoy to Egypt.   He arrived in Egypt, met the Mubaraks, and received instructions on what action to take regarding the family Loot.   Nobody in Egypt was certain whether this was not on purpose.  circumstances, however, do suggest that it was not just another gaffe.

Communication between Riyadh and Sharm el Sheikh continued, and  representatives of the Fat, pot-bellied King in Riyadh came to meet Tantawi to ensure that all their state secrets would be protected and that Mubarak would not be subjected to humiliating public trials for fear of copy-cats in their own countries. Secret Financial deals were struck contrary to what the public were told. In fact so secret those talks were that only 3-star and above flag officer corps  members of the SCAF were privy to their details.

Many scenarios were discussed with the US and the Gulf States with regard to Mubarak. The general outlines were: public outrage would be contained with carefully orchestrated arrest and investigation proceedings giving the impression that there was no special considerations.  Eventually, however, he would be exonerated of the most serious charges of murder and high treason. All other charges of corruption and profiteering would be dropped purely on humanitarian grounds provided the "Loot" is returned to the public treasury in full..... 

At least those were the points of assurances officially given. Tantawi and his SCAF, however, had in the past given us every indication that any negotiation was geared to give themselves the widest possible range of maneuvering, typical and expected of military strategists.
                                                                                                              US Zionist Jewess Maggie Scobey & Shafiq

Egypt’s Total  debt is $39 Billion Dollars, but counting debt service cost, that number shoots up to considerably more than the principle. The financial deal had to do with assisting Egypt with addressing this insidious and horrific burden that was caused by none other than Mubarak himself, for whom many highly interested parties are, apparently, requesting special treatment. The Question of restitution came up.

Deals had to be negotiated, and while the details are secret, the general outlines have to do with whatever assets smuggled to Gulf Area Banks.  Those funds will be quietly returned to Egypt in their entirety in any form Egypt may dictate while handling the matter delicately and with anonymity for all parties concerned provided Mubarak's trials were scrapped, or at least guaranteed to be farcical in nature.

All funds that Egypt could regain independently from outside the Gulf area shall be matched 1:1 until the entire amount of Egypt's external debt is settled.

All Financial arrangements shall take place in the form of treaties signed by future elected governments to render all transactions legal and official. Meanwhile, Mubarak's case must be handled with extreme delicacy while Egypt shall have to limp along without any revenues coming from abroad until a new president has been democratically elected.

Saudi King Abdullah in particular was so keen on making sure Mubarak would not be prosecuted that the promise of financial rewards for Egypt was considered to be more than a fair trade for letting Mubarak go free. Other Gulf Area Sheikdoms were also eager to buy Mubarak's freedom with Economic packages. It appears, however, that Tantawi might have put off agreeing to specific details until he had exhausted all independent means of securing economic packages while leaving the ongoing criminal investigations of senior regime members to the office of the Public Prosecutor General at least for the time being; it was thought good for public consumption. 

The US may have had good reasons to believe they owed Mubarak at least the semblance of dignity after 30 years of loyal service to his masters in Tel Aviv and the White House. This explains their repeated pleas to spare Mubarak the indignity of public humiliation.   The Military had no quarrel with the concept, however, public outrage has compelled Tantawi to tell Hillary Clinton's envoys that Egypt has to do what it must ... Albeit, delicately.

The Gulf Arabs had all the good reasons (in their views) to treat Mubarak and his family with utmost decorum and honor.   After all, they are all the same type of despotic and decrepit dictatorial heaps.  And for considerations of national interests, Tantawi had to yield to diplomatic initiatives to satisfy both internal public demands and external interests, provided those interests were of benefit to national security.

Whether under arrest, prosecuted or pardoned, the military will remember the requests for special treatment in exchange for the return of the Looted Funds smuggled to Arab Gulf Area secret bank accounts, and its own lack of desire to humiliate the former dictator, however, no promises were made for extending the special considerations to his sons.   If any, special measures would be strictly stemming from the nature of the post-revolutionary political milieu in Egypt and 7000 years of looking at the Pharaoh and his family as demigods. 

When it comes to Egypt, evidence is already suggesting with obvious signs that special treatment is expected and is the norm even for a Pharaoh with Mubarak's Criminal Treasonous record.