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Not a Rosy Prospect For Zionism 
#Palestine #Gaza #Egypt #Israel #Zionism #USA #LatinAmerica #Hespanics #Brazil #Argentina #Venezuela Sign of the time! … In 1950, Coca-Cola was an American icon … It was a Standard and a symbol for prosperity and social activities of the newly burgeoning American Middle Class … It was a Time Of Nostalgia and an unimaginative assumption of eternal bliss on Earth.Harvard University School of Social Sciences published a statistical data projecting that by 2050, Americans of European extraction will be only a minority for the first time in American history.This will change the balance of power forever. Americans of Hispanic extraction will be the majority at 60% of the population, African extractions at 15% Asian extractions at 15% Arabs and other Middle Eastern extractions at 8% …. And Jews will decline to 2%.
Watching a Latin American power House one after another recognizing Palestine and whole heartedly placing their sympathies with Palestinians, one may very easily imagine that the era past 2050 will not be a very happy era for the Sons of Zion!

Not a Rosy Prospect For Zionism

                                                                                                                                                                            Thomas Jefferson
Sign of the time! … In 1950, Coca-Cola was more than just an American icon … It was a Standard and a symbol for American prosperity and the enviable popularity of the  burgeoning American Middle Class … It was a Time Of Nostalgia for anything American, but it was also a symbol for an unimaginative assumption of eternal power, domination and bliss on Earth.

While unchecked wealth and popularity may bring along the worst in human traits; absolute power corrupts absolutely, goes the mantra. And that's exactly what has  inflicted America; power corruption manifesting in blatant imperialism, with an insatiable appetite for domination, exploitation and hegemony.

Power became a liability. It became a corrupting power. America the powerful became power-intoxicated America. The sublime ideals from which the American social and political fabric had been weaved; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness became an abstract afterthought. American power machinery became a machinery for criminal wars, global subversion and camouflaged imperial greed. 
           Harry Truman
America inherited, or probably usurped the ugly dress of imperialism from old imperial-Mama Great Britain. Albeit, it has sometimes taken a disguised and subtle fashionable understatement, but more often than not, it was the fashion of  good old naked aggression and gun-boat diplomacy, unabashed and as blatant as a hot, humid and stifling equatorial summer day.

Imperialism found in Zionism the perfect unwed conjugal partner that spared America the international image problems inherent in naked ambitions in areas of great interests,  particularly in the Middle East, where her vital lines of oil supplies must be controlled and secured at all cost and by all means necessary. America possessed the power, had the need and exercised the will. Zionism, was servile, greedy and desperately willing to serve with depraved scruples. 

It is this role that world Zionism in the body of its bastard daughter Israel has auspiciously found itself assuming;  history’s most insidious symbiotic alliance. it is where the host was actually a  parasite feeding on the secretion of the guest organism, and the guest took full advantage of the hosts' need for its toxic secretions.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Theodore Herzl

Zionism could never have dreamt up a better political and economic opportunity to assume the subservient role with connivance. And imperialism could never have dreamt up a better opportunity for world hegemony camouflaged behind an otherwise despicably morally-corrupt and historically despised race for its utter disregard for common decency.

Against deeply embedded and historically entrenched mutually hostile ideologies, the two elements; Jew and gentile, became united in their eternal crusade and conspiratorial quest to satisfy insatiably rapacious streaks of wanton belligerence and inhuman greed. 

but the question is, if this was an unimaginative assumption for eternal power and bliss on Earth, what would happen in the event that all power equations were demolished either through natural population attrition or through dynamic demographic shift along racial divide. 
Harvard University School of Social Sciences published statistical data projecting that by 2050, Americans of European extraction will be a minority for the first time in American history.

This will change the balance of power forever. Americans of Hispanic extraction will be the majority at 31% of the population, whereas Americans of European extraction 29%, African extraction at 15% Asian extraction at 15% Middle Eastern extraction at 8% …. And Jews will decline to 2%.

Watching a Latin American powerhouse one after another recognizing Palestine and whole heartedly embracing the cause of, and placing their sympathies with, Palestinians, one may very easily imagine that the era past 2050 will not be a very happy time for the Sons of Zion.


This photograph is from the Hollywood City Hall Archive.

It is of the Club CAIRO's which, in this particular photograph, was being a marketing background for an American automobile commercial ...

Club Cairo's was at one time the epitome of class, prestige and the quintessential destination for night time entertainment for the Who's Who celebrity and upper crust socialites of the Los-Angelesenes in the Twenties, through the late sixties.

Seven thousand miles away on the other side of planet Earth, In the twenties through the late forties, Cairo Night Time was particularly attractive to the myriad of foreigners trotting in and out of Egypt at will. It was a society ordinary Egyptians were barred from looking in on its unique and naturally morally squalid sordidness.

Yet, precisely because Americans had been the up and rising new global power, and rife with prosperity, they copied much of what they had seen and liked where ever they had been.

While most Egyptians may feel proud to see the name of their capital city on a Los Angeles Classical Land Mark, no doubt it may sound odd to many others that they should be native to a land that had once been copied by Americans some seven or eight decades ago, and now, they themselves copy everything "Americana", and do so blindly and often stupidly just so they become like Americans.

AL- AZHARR, Between a Glorious Past and an Uncertain Future

Facing a Credibility Crisis, 

in 1971 (20th Century), the Muslim world celebrated the millennial anniversary of one of the oldest institutions on the face of the Earth; Al-Azhar. Interestingly as well as paradoxically, Al Azhar’s reputation is far greater elsewhere in the Muslim world than in its native Egypt. We will come to learn more about this later on in this brief essay.

To the western world, Al Azhar is an unknown name; at least in the past several hundred years. Yet it is the foundation on whose model, the rest of the world has built its concept of the process of learning and enlightenment.

The crusaders came back home to Europe from their barbaric campaigns in the East with two great human concepts, Chivalry and Enlightenment … Saladin taught them an invaluable lesson in chivalry, valor,  humility, and magnanimity upon victory, and Al Azhar taught them that the enlightened mind of a learned man is an indomitable weapon in the face of wanton, barbaric and dark souls.

Unlike Christianity, Islam does not have, nor recognize, an ecclesiastical institution to mediate between man and deity. The concept of the church as the medium that facilitates this relationship is alien to both Islam and Judaism, and by the general consensus of historians, it was never a conceptual or doctrinal axiom in the early teaching of Judeo-Christianity, only became so in ancient Rome and Alexandria.

Despite this clear distinction, Al Azhar is the closest thing you can come up with to fill in the guiding role only of an ecclesiastic body  within the Muslim masses who look up to it for guidance and Fatwa; a form of jurisprudential rulings in matters of interpretation of the Sharia Law and Islamic traditions.

Established in 971 as a place of worship and a center for learning, it was not the first institution of its kind;  Al Quraweyin in Morocco had predated it by quite a few years. Yet  Al Quraweyin had never achieved its status as a place of worship nor its caliber as a center for learning.

Following Al Quraweyin, Al Azhar became the second oldest university on Earth; full 400 years before Oxford University, and 600 years before Cambridge University. It was the first institution in the history of higher learning to grant an academic Learned Scholar degree, and the first university in history to establish the concept of post-graduate advanced learning philosophies for which advanced postgraduate degrees were granted to Higher Learned Scholars who, had successfully established original research  and developed new and personal philosophy tracks in their respective disciplines. 

This means, it was the second University in history to grant a Bachelor’s Degree and the first to grant Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, first in Arabic, Theology, History and Jurisprudence, then quickly thereafter, in Medicine, Pharmacology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and the Humanities.

But more importantly, and perhaps the most catalytic role it has played across its eclectic record is that it has maintained an intricate balance between faith and reason over a history that has spanned a full Millennium covering turbulent civilizational rise and fall. 

Its brilliant role as a center for enlightenment enabled it to provide the cool, levelheadedness required to maintain this balance while acting as a light house to cast a shining ray of guidance for the safe procession and transition in the various stages of the turbulent history of its creed.

Al Azhar has not achieved this brilliant track record either out of abyss of knowledge or by being a tool in the hands of clashing competing geo-political titans, but rather by being an independent institution whose role was to guide rather than clash, construct rather than demolish and rejuvenate rather than revolutionize.

Along this rich history of monumental enlightenment, Al Azhar never ran out of great minds, and has trained an equal number for the same role to bear the beacon of wisdom and take it to the far corners of the great Islamic nation state.

It is precisely because of this vital role, and this stupendous track and achievement record, and precisely because almost 1.5 billion followers of the faith look up to it for guidance, The BBC compared its status to "Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, The US Congress, The Library of Congress, and the US Supreme Court" combined, and added "We might not even come close to it in spectrum and scope, in order to give it due credit or value." 

Looking at the state of Al Azhar, now, that it has been usurped of its independence, and has been entered into the service and employ of corrupt, despondent and despotic regimes that has used it to maintain its dictatorial grip on power in Egypt, it is no wonder that it is offering us a caliber of Muslim scholars so pathetic that its Great reputation and vital role are now facing a grave crisis of credibility.


فَلا أُقْسِمُ بِالْخُنَّسِ * الْجَوَارِ الْكُنَّسِ

This is a giant sun in the stage of becoming a 
Super Nova 
Just before exploding and becoming a 

Black Hole

If you Place Planet Earth inside this 

Super Nova,

you would need an electron 

 microscope with a
power of 100 Billion Trillion times to see planet Earth

What are Black Holes

من إعجاز القرآن

 الهاويات السوداء 

اكتشاف العلماء حديثا فى القرن العشرينً لوجود أجرام سماوية أسموها الثقوب السوداء أكبر من الشمس بمقدار العشرين ضعفاً، تتميز بثلاث خصائص

(1- لا تُرى (خنس
(2 - تجري فى مدارات مِجَرِّيَّة بسرعات كبيرة (جوار  
3 - تجذب كل   شيء وكأنها تكنس صفحة السماء (كنس)، حتى إن العلماء وجدوا أنها تعمل كمكنسة كونية عملاقة ماردة تستطيع أن   بتلع الكواكب بما فيها الأرض  بل النجوم  كالشمس.

 هذه الصفات الثلاث هي التي حدثنا عنها القرآن بثلاث كلمات في قوله تعالى: (فَلا أُقْسِمُ بِالْخُنَس *الْجَوَارِ الْكُنَس) فالخنَس أي التي لا تُرى والجوارِ أي التي تجري، والكُنَس اي  التي تكنس وتجذب إليها كل شيء بفعل الجاذبية الهائلة لها، هذه الآية تمثل سبقاً للقران في الحديث عن الثقوب السوداء قبل أن يكتشفها علماء ال  الغربيون

 إلا إن ترجمة اللفظ إلى العربية فى رأيى الشخصى بلفظ "الثقوب السوداء" ربما يكون غير موفق.... وأعرف  المؤدى التوضيحى اللغوى للفظ الإنج ليزى الأصلى وهو فى رأيى الشخصى لا يوحى  فى هذا الإطار تحديداً لكلمة "الثقب" فى العربية بقدر ما يوحى لتعبير "الهاوية"  لذلك  فأنا على الرأى القائل بترجمتها إلى " الهاويات السوداء

What are Black Holes الهاويات السوداء

Black holes are Dead Giant Stars that had exhausted their hydrogen fuel and collapsed upon themselves forming a relatively very small body with a juggernaut gravitational force from which, not even light can escape

Our sun is a star.   It belongs to a category of stars known as the Medium Stars.   It is also a yellow star, meaning young star.   A young star or yellow star has a surface temperature of 5 million degrees Celsius.

Stars are living fusion reactors (nuclear reactors) fueled by hydrogen, which when expended, turns into helium.

Scientists estimate that our sun will run out of hydrogen and explode in about 3 to 4 billion years.    This, by the way, is in complete concordance with Islamic faith for Allah SWT almost tells us in the Quran how it will Occur.

Our sun is 1,000,000  (One Million ) times bigger than the Earth ...  You can fit one Million Planet Earths inside our sun …. Large stars are between 20 to 2000 times bigger than our sun.

At this gigantic size, their gravity is incredibly massive. Their life span is between 4 to 6 billion years. Once they exhaust all their hydrogen, they expand very rapidly and turn into something called Giant Reds, growing in size to 5000 times their original size.

At this stage, their gravity pulls them inward imploding them until they become only about 200 miles across (invisible and dismal distance on the cosmic scale.) Their mass remains that of a giant sun.    At this point they spin so fast and expel their contents of matter and explode into something called Super Nova.

A super nova is the most violent explosion force in the universe known to man and science at this stage of our knowledge.   Once they explode into a super nova, they turn into a black hole.

In the center of every galaxy in the Universe there is a fast orbiting and fast spinning gigantic Black Hole that cleans the galaxy from all the debris.    It rotates and orbits the Galaxy and suck in anything and everything in its path.

They are called black holes because their gravity is so incredibly stupendous that even their own light cannot escape from their centers.    If their light cannot escape outwards, they cannot be seen and become black holes because their gravity is greater than anything in the universe, they swallow anything and everything in their path. …. And anything swallowed gets utterly and totally pulverized and spat out in the form of extremely hot gases and energy.

Why spat out when gravity is enormous? Think of attempting to fill a small glass with water using a fire hose wide open, maximum output! …. Think the glass would ever get filled?

So, a Black Hole is a dead star, that cannot be seen and swallow anything and everything in its path including other planets, moons and stars.

فَلا أُقْسِمُ بِالْخُنَّسِ * الْجَوَارِ الْكُنَّسِ


The Last Time We Saw Rachel

In the photo to the left, is Rachel lying unconscious as I rushed to her aid on Sunday, March 16 about 10:00 AM Rafah Time, in Gaza moments after the Zionist Jew Ran Her Over.

She was in Very Bright Red with highly reflective silver stripes that could not be missed for a mile, and was armed only with a Mega Phone. She was Very Clearly Visible to the Israeli Army Driver as he charged at her.

The IDF Zionist Jew driver had started his run at least 250 yards away from the North West of Rachel approaching her in a straight line. She was directly in his line of sight along with three other male members of her group who were standing, each near a spot to protect against demolition 300 yards to the East of where my group of three were standing guarding different sites.

The Zionist Jew Driver selected his target at which, Rachel had been kneeling to demonstrate that she would not budge.  The driver stopped momentarily at a distance of approximately 20 yards looking straight at Rachel kneeling, he leaned over looking her straight in the eyes to let her know he meant business, and then he charged at her. Rachel sprang up and began to shout at the driver in her megaphone. The driver slightly changed course pointing his bulldozer squarely towards her.

At this point, Rachel began jumping up and down raising both arms with the megaphone in her right, but the Zionist Jew Driver increased his speed continuing his charge towards her mounting a massive pile of dirt by the blade and pushing it perilously and ominously heaping and forward.

First, his blade was ground level. Once he was 5 yards away from her, Rachel had begun to panic because there was no escape and she realized she was in trouble. She climbed on top of the mound of dirt and tried to maintain her balance by holding onto the cross bar. But the IDF Zionist Jew driver raised the 4 ton blade to her level and thrust forward knocking her over.

Once she fell, he dropped the blade immediately under its full weight on top of her in a free fall manner, conceivably by a snapping action discharging all hydraulic pressure in an obvious maneuver to crush Rachel, who was at this point being completely overtaken and buried by the pile of dirt that was mounting on top of her as the blade was dropped down on her delicate and fragile frame. 

The Zionist Jew driver stopped, leaned forward again, and seeing that he had buried Rachel under his machine, reversed and made sure that the 4 ton blade passed flat down over her, further burring her deeper alive after crushing every bone in her body into pulp. 
Two members of her team had beaten me to her as I rushed to her aid and frantically dug her up while the third member went to the Zionist Jew driver cursing him in English. 

The Jew driver did not even attempt to look at him and proceeded to carry out the demolition as if he had just killed an insect and not a peace-loving precious human being; (Zionist Jews have subhuman nature.)

Rachel could not open her eyes and was barely breathing with extreme difficulty, and was moaning in a horrific tremulously shaken voice mixed with her difficult breathing as I held her steady and carefully to keep her from moving. All she was able to murmur was, “My Back's Broken." ... Seconds later, she exhaled as if in euphoric relief and stopped talking.... As we waited for the ambulance, I looked at her, and she had this beautiful, faint but very distinct smile on her face...

A Palestinian Ambulance transported her to the hospital where all attempts to revive her failed. We all arrived minutes after the ambulance in the company of a Palestinian Friend in his car. She was pronounced dead by Dr. Hussam Awadley, the chief trauma surgeon. Female members of her group exploded in uncontrollable crying agony.

I looked at her again before Dr. Awadley covered her still body. She was still wearing the same faint smile ... She had been smiling at the time she was being softly cradled over, departing on her eternal journey in the graceful company of the angels of mercy! ... 

While reporters of Western and Israeli media clamored to get full coverage, crowding all of us and making a circus out of the event,  Dr. Awadley told me to make sure that her family would not have her body embalmed nor washed.  "She is a martyr and must be buried in her bloodied cloths that she is wearing now." He said. ... I told her parents upon their arrival to receive Rachel's body. When I explained to her mother the Islamic doctrine of martyrdom, she wept and acquiescently promised she would make absolutely sure she was, though I was certain that, in her state of shock, grief and anger, she could not make sense of everything she heard.


After 7 years of her family’s struggle to bring justice against the Zionist Jew Driver while the Israeli government played every trick in the book to discredit Rachel and her International Solidarity Movement, of which, I myself was a member present in Gaza with our entire mission divided into several teams, the Israeli Driver just came out of court with a Not Guilty Verdict ... Not surprising knowing the criminal nature of the Israeli Zionists.

Palestinians know the death of one American receives more attention than the killing of hundreds of Muslims. 'It is a fact. 'That's the way things are in this world. I wish it wasn't. 

 Richard Purcell, Rachel Corrie's Group member in Rafah