Monday, March 28, 2011

Islam, Between The Imperatives of Sublime Ideals and the Realities of Social Progress

The Attack on the Muslim Groups in Egypt has recently reached an intolerable level especially with the newly found freedom of speech laws which had been suppressed under the emergency laws of the deposed despotic regime. 

By and large, this attack is on Islam itself, however, the attackers find in the Salafi and Ikhwan Groups an easy target to justify their rejection of Egypt's Islamic identity, and cloak that hatred deceivingly by attacking individual leaderships since a blatant attack on Islam would lead to their political demise. 
In fact the attack takes its ugliest form coming from the liberal and secular groups who, themselves, belong to the Muslim community but by birth right only. 

Unable to unravel 1400 years of solid traditions and a powerful grip of A formidable faith on society, the Liberals are rabidly vending their frustration and despondence on anything Islamic in Egypt. The alien ideologies they espouse find welcoming pathways only among certain groups of men who see an abomination in anything restricting their social and political obscenities imported squarely from the morally putrid West, and women who find in chastity a frumpy way of life whether by an obsession with western life-style due to cultural inundation from the West or by their sorry predicament resulting from past unchaste and profligate behavior.

The attack on Islam takes place from different angles. Unfortunately the Muslim groups are not all equal in their abilities to return the favor. Furthermore, some of them appear quite comical when attempting to defend their positions from a perspective that modern time has passed at least by a Millennium.

Sometimes, however, some of the criticism takes an objective tone that addresses only one or very few aspects which sets the Salafi groups apart from the rest, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.  The criticism addresses the Salafi’s inability to distinguish between the Divine Imperatives of the faith and the Realities of progress. This may be a misconception, yet the Salafies have never successfully corrected this putative misconception, partially due to lack of understanding its cause, but mainly for lacking the ability to develop a sophisticated image befitting modern time.  The Salafi groups, undoubtedly, are in dire need of a clever marketing and PR agency.  

But before they embark upon achieving wide popular appeal, they will be well advised to reconcile form with function ... Their basic function is propagation of the call to faith. Propagation means selling. They should ask marketing executives what selling means, they should check its definition in a dictionary, and finally they should employ Public Relations experts in image development and promotion of their leadership cadres.

Modern marketing concepts encompass selling products, ideas as well as ideals. Once they grasp this modern concept, Muslim Salafi groups will be well on their way to win the hearts and minds of a much wider array of the population who may otherwise elect to adopt the Muslim Brotherhood's model under the erroneous assumption that they are more main stream ... In fact, apart from their engrossment with formalities and ceremonies over fundamentals and dynamic imperatives, they are more main stream than traditional Brotherhood, who, in the past,  believed in violence within the context of "the end justifies the means."

The Salafi groups rely heavily on a principle deeply rooted in the Islamic traditions of the Prophet (SAAWS) which states that the best followers are those of the early three centuries, and what trails them are severely deficient, hence, their meticulous embodiment of the ceremonies of the Prophet's habits and traditions as described and dictated by the like of Ibn Tayymeyyah ( a 13th century Muslim scholar of the strict and rigid Hanbali school of Islamic thought.)

Tayymeyyah and his contemporaries had done an excellent job in their time with whatever knowledge that had been available to the human race. But there is a fact that nobody would deny; that is when the Divine sends a prophet, he sends him endowed with “modern” knowledge packaged in a flexible language that can be unpacked appropriately as time progresses and human sophistication increases.

Islam's message is rich with wisdom contemporary to the time during which it was first revealed and to all subsequent time thereafter. The basic requirement to unpack and glean this wisdom is to allow a wide participation from all fields of knowledge in interpretation.  Prophets and messengers are sent with appropriate abilities certain to allow for successful propagation of their message. They are easily able to mingle with their surroundings, and above all, they are perfectly able to identify with their environment and culture in which they would be selling their ideals. The question is do the Salafi groups possess those traits and abilities which should render their role of propagating their message an easy one?

Looking at the Salafi groups, the first image they conjure up is the Osama Ben Ladden's.  They impart an impression that they have just arrived in our Modern Era from the Middle-Ages riding on speeding bullets, bringing along their medieval cultures and ideas. They speak with an authority befitting only medieval times. It is as if they have never passed through the stages of society's cultural and scientific development. This is not conducive to giving credence to the products that they sell despite the fact that what they sell was designed by Divine supremacy for perfection to fit their time and all time past, present and future.

Looking at the West vs. East, for comparison, we find the West, with the exception of their lack of application of Judeo-Christian law; have applied the universal code of human wisdom as the principle upon which their nations must be managed. This code is fundamental to and deeply seated in the heart of Islamic teaching. The West never brought this out of the abyss of their dark and barbaric era. Had they insisted on claiming that old Christian biblical interpretation should be the ground upon which they must build any future for man,   humanity would have been in dire straits by now.

In the East, however, unfortunately, due to successive incompetent governments; Islam, as the universal code of life that the west had applied, was left to be managed by those whom society had failed to enlighten first at the formative age. As a result, Islamic societies have been struggling with reconciling two states of mind, of which, one has no place in the modern annals of social progress.

It seems that we would not have had an image problem with the various Muslim  groups Had Egypt had a robust, scientifically well thought of, and systemically more comprehensive network of modern Islamic education, which reexamines existing legacies and traditions with eyes and minds tuned to the proper frequency demanded and dictated by humanity’s astounding progress along the centuries.

Traditional Islamic groups would have been able to take themselves out of the repellent image into a far more universally appealing specter just the way modern rational groups present themselves had they been subjected to a modern Islamic education system. The principle Culprit in allthis calamity is the total absence of instilling the sense and skills of critical thinking in the education systems of Muslim countries.

Undoubtedly, Islam was intended for the time in which it was revealed and for all time to follow until the universe is no more. However, there is no group of thinkers endowed with competent wisdom who should continue to insist with feverish fervent on perpetuating the claim that existing traditions should not be reexamined with modern enlightened thought. It is this issue that has been a thorny wreath encircling the Salafis and the modernists.

The fact that many Muslim men and women refuse to accept Islam as a universal code for life, which by the way, guarantees freedom of belief to all, is simply a question of competent promulgation of the Islamic message. Islam does not Force its belief on anyone because there is a deeply seated powerful divine law built into it that states there is no compulsion in religion.   

Reading the history of the dawn of Islam, one finds a wonderfully guided messenger of God imbued with the most sublime of all human character traits, which enabled him to spread his universal message across an extremely hostile milieu. One such character trait so crucial in the propagation of any message is grace.

The Quran speaks of grace as if without it, Islam itself would have never found a listening ear.  This Verse (159) from Chapter (4) sums it up very eloquently,

“It was by the mercy of Allah that thou wast Graceful with them (O Muhammad), for if thou hadst been taciturn and gruff of heart they would have dispersed from round about thee. So pardon them, ask forgiveness for them, and consult with them upon the conduct of affairs. And when thou art resolved, then place thy trust in Allah. Lo! Allah loveth those who place their trust (in Him). (159)

This grace was one of the most important of all traits with which all God’s prophets were imbued. It is most beguiling that it should be absent from many of the so called propagators of Islam amongst the plethora of Muslim groups of our present time.   Many of them lacking proper basic education in the social sciences and the humanities; they are lacking the proper education in effective communication and it goes without saying; they are severely deficient in understanding the relationship between axiomatic principles of the fundamentals and the imperatives of human progress.

Grace will not be limited to good manners, dignified presence, and patience with others. It must be extended to the question of identity, especially given the eclectic variety of societies to whom the message has to reach.

A propagator of a message to a group of people must identify with his group otherwise he would either be rejected or dismissed as alien to the group. When the question of law and legislation pops up, we face two States and a potential for conflict. In the west, the law is based on a universal human wisdom.

However, unlike Divine wisdom, human wisdom can be subject to sublime as well as not so perfect concepts, habits, traditions and lower human faculties … But once the law has been ratified, no citizen is allowed to violate it without suffering the appropriate retribution embedded in its penal code.

Equally important, in an Islamic society, non-Muslims must understand that the law shall be derived principally from Divine Sources and immediately thereafter, from the Universal precepts of Human wisdom. Divine wisdom addressed only a part of human life that was seen by Divine perfection as not suitable for an imperfect mind to regulate. The rest was left for self-regulation guided by the collective wisdom imparted into all of humanity upon creation.

Therefore, the claim that the institutions of the West never adopt laws that the populace cannot accept is a farce. The laws of the West are full of contradictions, and more often than not, are formulated behind closed doors by lawmakers with insidious special interest and contrary to popular accords. Once they come to light and societies smell the rat, conniving law doctors are prepared to fight the collective social wisdom on deceitfully contrived constitutional principles, always contrary to the universal good of man, and essentially to serve those for whom the laws had been instituted ... Yet the law remains the law and few complain.

Non-Muslim groups exploiting new winds of universal freedom and liberty will be ill-advised to challenge the supremacy of an imperative for a law derived from the Quran when it is applicable. The Quran never brought alien principals to Judeo-Christianity. Everything the Quran teaches is found in Judeo-Christianity. There is nothing in the Quran that cannot be found in the Torah of Moses and the Evangel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Quran provides a perfect mechanism for non-Muslims to legislate for themselves in accordance with what they find in their scriptures

Muslim groups once have reconciled the principles of Divine immutable ideals with the imperatives of human progress, and have mastered the art and science of marketing their Call with contemporary methods of form and function, will find themselves at the ’vanguard of societies and their institutions. … They will be thrust into roles of leadership; they will be entrusted with the education of all Generations to come, and they will become an indomitable intellectual force by virtue of the Divine origin of their ideals and thought. They will find themselves role models for their nations as well as all others'; present and future.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shed Your Tears O’ Mothers of the Martyrs

The Criminal Zionist Jew in Occupied Palestine, cunning and conniving Opportunist as ever, and dastardly coward as ever had been hard at work while watching the retarded buffoon in Libya busy skipping rope and amusing only himself while murdering his people since his escape from the Zoo 40 some odd years ago.

And while the brothel known as the Arab League had been doing what it does best; selling Arab flesh in the open bazar to politically lethargic populations turned into skin and bone alley cats and rat bags by their flowing-robed shyster rulers, the Imperial powers had been cooking the political stew that they intended to shove down our throats to cover up their conspiracy and design on Libya.

After a carefully calculated period of delay had passed and Libya’s division along certain lines became auspiciously tenable, the imperial powers finished printing the cover jacket of the newest novel in the corridors of the United Nations. Blessed by the baboonish flowing-robed pimps of the Arab League, The Imperial powers came to the Southern Mediterranean armed with a Zionist strategem and cunning calculations.

As bombing the Libyan buffoon was underway, and the world’s contradicting dogma began shooting back and forth, between protagonists, antagonists and those who exhibit only colors of the cover jacket of their latest imperial  novel, a murder spree of a different sort had begun  not too far away.

The dastardly coward Zionist Jew got yet another chance to exhibit his rapacious appetite for Palestinian blood … Gaza, … Again, … Was under aerial bombardment and ground siege by the subhuman criminal Israeli Jew while world’s attention was focused on the antics of the Libyan baboon under NATO siege.

The Wanton Criminal Zionist Jew Does Not Understand the Graces of Human Conscience. They Do Not understand the force of Logic, only the logic of force. Nor would they respond to the Sheer mountain crushing emotional weight of the gruesome images of a Suffering Humanity.

The Zionist Jew is Genetically Subhuman … Thus, they were  Created, and Thus, they Were So Condemned in Their Torah, in The Evangel of Christ, and in the Final Divine Message; the Quran.

The Zionist Jew is Genetically Defective … Hell-Bent on, and Imbued with the Most Subhuman of All Traits; Cunning, Conniving,  Deceit, Deception, Cowardice and Conspiracy … A Parasitic Opportunistic Leach that Subsists on Human Suffering and Criminal Blood-Shed … The Zionist Jew Understands Only The Logic of Power and the Sheer Force of the Sward Striking His Neck.

But then Why Should We Blame a Nefarious and execrable Form of Life for whatever function it was created to perform, when we were wittingly or unwittingly, a Catalyst Culture for Its coming to existence?

I can see why human conscience should go numb. I can see why mothers of young martyrs have only their tears to shed. And I can see why the annals of war crimes should fold their pages. 

When Your Obscenely Rich, bed-sheets and table-cloth-clad sisters are nothing but Prostitutes Living in Gold Plated Bordellos, Hire the Biggest Pimps on the Block to protect their malodorous Brothels in Exchange for their Silence on Raping Your Other Lesser Sisters; the only Catharsis for martyrs' mothers is their Tears.

Shed Your Tears O’ Mothers of the Martyrs For the Men Who Were Entrusted to Shed Their Silky Robes, Gold Plated Brothels and the Fat on Their Foul Pot Bellies for your Protection Have Stooped Over, and Have Given their own flesh and blood to Their Pimps Instead.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Zionist Jew; ... Humanity's Most Dastardly Coward Race

Like All Things Pure and Precious ...... Like Holy Bread and Grapevine

I Love the Radiant Rachel ......  Who Died for Palestine.

Once through a green field drifting ...... In the doldrums of the day

Watching ravens peck out lambs’ eyes ... In their cruel, gloating way:

I remembered, I remembered, ...... How those raptors vulturine

Seized the land and plagued the people ...... Of historic Palestine.

How the snipers on the rooftops, ...... Armed with Uzis, standing tall,

Splash the blood of little children ...... On the weeping classroom walls.

How the settlers spit on Christians ...... In the land where Jesus died—

And how those who do the spitting ...... Have the world upon their side

How they bulldoze people’s houses ... ...Till the roofs crash on their heads

And the women lie all broken .... ...With their babies in their beds.

How the wolfish killers wander ....... Through a vale of endless tears

Shooting children in their faces ....... While the world stands by and cheers.

How the Bright-Eyed Rachel "Corries" ...... Lie in cemeteries dead

While the birds of prey grow fatter ...... And the world just turns its head

Christ, come back and save these children ...... Put an end to all their pain!

Put an end to evil Zion! ...... Palestine, come back again

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nature in its Finest Dress,

Nature in its Finest Dress

The United States is 9.8 Million square kilometers, slightly less than 9 times the area of Egypt. It covers vast geographic and climatic regions.

The change of season from summer to autumn is particularly dramatic. Tree leaves begin to acquire extremely colorful tones, and those colors change rapidly and increase in intensity before the high wind and cool breeze of Autumn force the leaves off the trees... Public grounds, streets and house roofs become very messy, but only for a time.

Local authorities here in the US, being a very wealthy nation, take utmost care in cleaning and beautifying cities and locales. This may seem like a novel idea to present time Egyptians living in the classical city neighborhoods. But to Americans, it is the duty of both citizens and governments to keep the cities and neighborhoods clean.

In most American suburbs, it is a common sight to see families of a given neighborhood out on weekends forming social possy. They are made of parents, grandparents as well as children. They pitch in collecting waste paper and other waste material and place them in trash bags. they pique private grass loans, public loans and their neighborhood streets.

In Egypt, even Extremely Wealthy classical neighborhoods in Cairo are suffering from gross negligence. But new Communities in Egypt are designed and modeled after the finest American and European city landscapes. The difference remain, however, that Egyptians deem it shameful and beneath them to pick up trash off of their neighborhood streets. They'd rather live in neighborhoods full of trash than beautify them by pitching in to clean them up.

Local authorities also do not seem to mind at all getting paid a salary and sit on their behind letting their communities get trashed up. ... Corrupt Government Officials of the decrepit regime had only one interest ... Looting as much money from the people as possible then fleeing the country to live the good life in Europe and the US on the Looted Bread of hungry children.

The Photograph above is for the entrance to my residential subdivision (Neighborhood) in the State of Washington, (Not Washington DC; the US Capital) ....It was taken end of last September.

It is meant just so that My fellow Egyptians can appreciate looking at nature in its finest dress, and look forward to a New Egypt, where the nation's wealth remain free from getting into thieving pockets and be utilized to build ... or rather, rebuild Egypt.

Egypt used to be beautiful before the successive incompetent and decrepit dictatorial regimes took over ... The Future, I am certain, shall prove much brighter for all Egyptians.

America is a Society That Can Actually Imagine Their Joy of what they enjoy

America is a Society That Can Actually Imagine 

Their Joy of What they Enjoy ... 

Poetic, isn't it? ... But absolutely true.

When it comes to imagination, there has never been a nation or a society in human history that could claim they could be a match to America...... In terms of military power  positioned in its own place of history,   America, compared to other traditional historical imperial powers, has exceeded, and by far, Rome, Egypt and Persia put together.

In Economic terms, America's vast geographic area, enormous and varied natural resources, and a unique pool of human talent derived from every race and blood in humanity made it the most gigantic economic power house in human history. So large its economy is, that it is larger than the economies of all the European countries put together, and larger than the economies of both China and Japan put together with a population that is less than one fifth of their combined population.

This phenomenon, this society, this nation called the United States of America has been built on imagination. It was not just engineering might or technical expertise, or even a sense of bravado on front of which, nothing could stand, though all those were part and parcel of it, but not everything ...  Imagination was more important. The ability to foresee future human needs and work on realizing it, was the main part of it.

It was the poetic sense of imagining the future. It was the artistic visualization of anything that could possibly be enjoyed by man. It was the ability to transcend classical human limitation. And it was imagining that there was no limit to imagination.

And finally, it was a collective human talent that was capable of imagining that they could enjoy what they invent just as much as they thought they could invent what they enjoy. America is a society that can actually imagine the joy of what they would enjoy...

Poetic, isn't it? ... But absolutely true.

The photograph above was an Abstract Futuristic presentation for Urban Planning dated 1947. Much of its primary and secondary components have actually come to see engineering realization, both in the US and Abroad.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Christmas Gift To Egypt From The Wall Street Journal

Ahmad Shafiq

The Wall Street Journal's
Christmas Gift for Egypt

The Influential Wall Street Journal gave Egypt a Christmas gift early on in December of 2010. It had dubbed retired air-marshal Ahmad Shafiq  New Contender for the top Boss Job for Egypt.

The Journal  said that a new face had emerged as a possible contender to follow Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as leader of the Arab world's most influential country.

It reminded the world that Mubarak was 82 years old and had just recovered from what it called a gall-bladder surgery, apparently following the official announcement by the Mubarak’s disinformation apparatus. The truth, however, is they were hiding that he was suffering from both pancreatic and  gall-bladder  cancer.

The Journal subsequently did acknowledge the facts regarding Mubarak’s real condition along with experts' opinions on the general prognosis of similar cases.

The Journal, in its Egyptian politics analysis pointed out that Mubarak, suffering from serious health condition, had yet to name a successor, refusing even to appoint a vice president, ahead of the presidential elections that was slated for the following fall. Obviously not even the mighty Wall Street Journal had any clue on what the Egyptian Youth had been doing on Facebook!

Citing the natural order of hierarchy to the top Boss Job, the Journal did run the names of both Gamal Mubarak and Omar Suleiman to pave the way for running air marshal Ahmad Shafiq’s name as the third contender.

It quoted what it called some Western diplomats, senior members of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party and political analysts in Cairo as the sources which had made a compelling case for Shafiq’s contention for the job.

The Journal touted air marshal Ahmed Shafiq’s career by pointing out that he had been  minister of civil aviation and a former commander of Egypt's air force, who spearheaded a turnaround that was begun in 2002 at the country's flagship carrier, Egypt Air.

"Shafiq, the Journal said, had a good reputation. He was tough, honest, and low-key," based on an unnamed source in the NDP. The source went further to say:, "His name is definitely out there."

The Wall Street Journal cited a column by the editor-in-chief of the pro-government, state-controlled Al-Mosswwar magazine touting Mr. Shafiq's merits as a sign of his rise.

Amid persistent questions about Mubarak’s health, the lack of a known successor had worried the West and of course, above all, Israel.

Wall Street Journal interviewed top brass, evidently Lt. General Sammy Annan, who said: "Everyone expected to have some clarity by now.” The military, according to the Wall Street Journal was key power broker in Egyptian politics. "At any time, we can see a sudden power vacuum." Said the top military spokesman, according to the Journal.

The West had been scared of a power vacuum which would increase the chance of a protracted power struggle in the ruling party, according to the article which represented an accurate assessment of how the West viewed Egypt’s political theater.

Rivalries, said the Journal, reach up to  Mubarak's inner circle, That circle of military commanders, security and intelligence officials and party bosses would likely decide Egypt's next ruler if Mubarak dies or becomes incapacitated without naming a successor.

The succession prospects of Gamal Mubarak, 47-year-old head of the ruling party’s policy committee, was once almost unquestionable, but appeared to the Journal’s analyst to have faded in recent years, as a series of policy initiatives, including economic overhauls, had been stymied.

The younger Mubarak and his allies had long appeared locked in a power struggle with an old guard that had maintained a tight hold on Egypt military and security apparatus.

Ahmad Shafiq, meanwhile, appeared to be able to navigate between the two power centers inside the NDP. The 69-year-old is a former Air Force commander, as Mubarak was, and served under Mubarak's command. He came from a relatively limited cadre of powerful retired generals serving in influential civilian roles. He was a trusted Mubarak-family confidant, according to the Wall Street Journal

He had also proved his managerial skills, dragging Egypt's commercial air sector into the 21st century. He spearheaded massive upgrades to Cairo International Airport and transformed the country's once-rickety national air carrier. And he earned a Ph.D. in Strategic National Airspace Policy in the  field of Aviation Commerce.
Osama Ghazali Harb, editor of an influential political journal described him to the Wall Street Journal in the following statement: "He's a very stable person, very balanced, and very quiet," "But most importantly, he's very trusted by Mubarak himself."

Shafiq had served with Mubarak in the air force and was a wing commander when Mubarak was Air Vice-Marshal. He earned his High command fellowship from the High War College of the Nasser Academy for Strategic and Military Studies and the same from the French Joint Services Staff College, now renamed The High War College. He earned his Ph.D. from a Canadian University in Quebec, Canada.

When he first took over the Aviation Ministry his first battle was with the crooked businessmen who campaigned to push the government to sell the national carrier in the manner state assets had been sold, or at least to minimize the carrier's business in favor of private airlines. Shafiq tightened his grip on the business and imposed new regulations allowing only "serious investors" into the business.

He stood firmly against attempts to force his administration to apply open sky policies by the tourism industry owned by suspect businessmen and opportunistic foreign airlines.

During two major protests by pilots and air controllers, Shafiq exercised extremely tight No Negotiation Policy under pressure and won.

On his watch as minister of civil aviation there has not been any report of a single case of corruption within the Aviation Ministry or its affiliated companies and associations.

On the international level, his policies scored way above average and Egypt’s civil aviation authority scored high marks on all facets of operations. Cairo International Airport was transformed under his watch to a successful commercial institution


Appointed by Mubarak forming a cabinet which included symbols of the decrepit regime showing signs of non-repentance.

Showed readiness and willingness to work with the Zionist Jewess US Ambassador to Egypt, giving her a free season on on his ministry. He also permitted an almost treasonous  act by permitting the Israeli Jews to dictate the unimpeded presence of their own security forces on Egyptian Soil at Cairo International Airport

He is recorded as saying "I am sure the crisis will end and we will handle the political dispute. But there are continuous losses due to the economy being paralyzed at present." In other words he was incapable of recognizing that the nation had undergone a revolution. Very delusional.

He maintained the curfew only reducing it from 17 hours to 10 hours and also ordered financial institutions and banks to resume work on Sunday whatever the circumstances during which time tens of billions of dollars were smuggled out of Egypt by the crooks who had looted Egypt.

When Government Criminal thugs were unleashed in Tahrir Square, hundreds were killed and thousands were injured ... Shafiq only apologized to the nation in a press conference, but refused to acknowledge the crimes or name the criminal thugs, much less arrest any of them.

He deceived the nation by saying the government had no hand in the criminal acts and that rioters would be brought to justice. He never followed through, nor did he respond to repeated demands to do so.

As a figure of the decrepit regime, having served under Mubarak's command, he maintained his loyalty to the deposed dictator, refusing to negotiate any formula for the dictator to hand over power in compliance with national demands. He insisted that "Mubarak would complete his presidential term against national will and swore that he would continue as prime minister.

He has continued to resist compliance with revolutionary demands and dictates,  and has refused to resign with honor, forcing the nation to demand his oust by any means necessary.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Details of the Mubaraks Exit From Egypt

The Denial Attempts are Bogus
We Can Follow the Flight Plans!

Official Denials of Exits and Returns are Bogus

Details of the Mubaraks Free Roaming on State Private Jets

About a month ago, once forced out of office, the decrepit mummy rebuked the old crone and her Younger Nannoose Gamal, having accused both of them of destroying what he called: his Political history (funny dude) with their bad advice and insistence on resisting the military council and staying on, defying the nation.

So they both moved from the main mansion into their separate villas. (The presidential complex is vast and includes separate villas for each member of the family ... The elder Nannoose and his wife and their children were the only members allowed to visit the putrid mummy in the main mansion and the rest, including the Old Crone would come to visit but he would not see them ... His health was reported to be deteriorating due to his refusal to resume chemotherapy. (All this is untrue, he loves life more than life itself.)

Last year, the influential Financial Times had reported that what Mubarak had been treated for in Germany was Prostatic Cancer. The Financial Times with its preeminent contacts in the highly secretive and knowledgeable inner circles of financial business Moguls had been easily able to break through the barrier of medical information privacy and had obtained accurate information on the status of Mubarak’s health.

Other highly influential publications such as the New York Times, also reported, on what it called "highly authoritative" sources that Mr. Mubarak was being treated for both colon and Prostatic Cancer. Both the Financial Times and New York Times, citing eminent medical authorities, said that the prognosis of Mr. Mubarak’s case was in-remission. Medical experts had elaborated by explaining that in-remission meant there was no permanent cure and post-operative chemotherapy, statistically, only leads to stopping any new growth, especially with early discovered cancer cases.

Sporadic and conflicting news about Mubarak’s state of health varied.  Certain Egyptian newspapers cynically refuted any confidential information and dismissed them as bogus out right. All confidential information regarding Mubarak’s travel was inexorably also dismissed by the same news publication in the most cynical manner on a daily basis, specifically by its fat and sinister editor in chief.

Over two weeks ago, I reported on Twitter one Mubarak flight on his Gulf-Stream 4, along with the flight plan number, date and time of departure to Baden-Baden, Germany for treatment in a specialized cancer center. A VIP handle had been requested as part of the FP side bar miscellaneous information on the flight plan's digital format.

It turned out that two flight plans had been filed, one public with the departure control, destination Baden-Baden, and the second was an in-flight modification with the Southern Red Sea Enroute Controller diverting the flight to Tabuke, Saudi Arabia. … This modification carried a permitted safety delay code, and was not immediately delivered to the CJFPS-NBAA, which is an exclusive global air control body for VIP business jets.

This modification with its delay safety code cleverly masked the flight destination and rendered any information on the Baden-Baden FP unknown. In aviation, this could translate into a myriad of things ranging from not filed to scrapped or cancelled. … Only upon closing the executed FP, can anyone find out about the in-flight change.

One clarification for those readers who will wonder how I was able to be so specific, I own a private multi-engine airplane and hold a US. ATP license and a CFII-A Rating endorsement. I fly for pleasure only but prodigiously. Those familiar with aviation, by now, know that this information is publically available if you know how and where to look for it.

It turned out that Mr. Mubarak had actually flown to Tabuke, Saudi Arabia for urgent chemotherapy treatment on personal invitation from King Abdullah himself, who, at the time was in Morocco.  One day later, the jet returned to Sharm el Sheikh with Mubarak aboard in the midst of worldwide speculations on his whereabouts. The medical team had insisted on Mubarak’s remaining in Tabuke for the duration of the entire course of chemotherapy but Mubarak refused.

It was agreed, however, that Mr. Mubarak would return within a week for complete evaluation and to assess the effect of the chemotherapy treatment on his condition. Once in Egypt, arrangement began to take shape in earnest for Mubarak’s return to, and long term stay in Tabuke for his cancer treatment.

The old crone got the two French speaking Moroccan maids, and had them gather up all his medals and gifts of state (gifts he received as president from other heads of states) and all valuables and had them stashed in the cargo bay of one the presidential business jets; the GulfStream-4 which was still in  Sharm el Shaikh airport.

Rumors started swinging left and right as a result of seeing large boxes being taken to the cargo bay of the private jets. But it wasn't until the King of Saudi Arabia had returned from his palace in the majestic northwestern Moroccan Mediterranean Atlantic resort area having spent time for recuperation from a surgery on his rear end that was promulgated to the public as a slipped disk. It wasn't actually.

It was a third hemorrhoids surgery (He had had two prior) and it runs in the Royal Asses since Abdul Azziz, then Sauood, then Fayasal, then Khaled then  Abdullah (all of them had had it more than once. genetic, the case appears to be. (Read Robert Lacy: “KINGDOM”.)

Once the old King returned to Riyadh, he sent three Princes to Mubarak to urge him to bolt to Arabia for his medical treatment.

Mubarak inferred from what he had heard from the king's envoys that his doctors in Tabuke were extremely worried about his condition, and that his return to Tabuke to resume chemotherapy was imperative.

Mubarak Bolted the same night ... That was last Wednesday night the 23rd of February in the middle of the night where Sharm el Shaikh was literally in deep hibernation. Mubarak never went to the airport in his black Mercedes limousine. Instead, he was in a smaller Japanese silver car, usually reserved for his personal aids…. This was later confirmed by AlJazeera, English on eye witness report.

He took his elder Nannoose with him only. The Old Crone, her younger Nannoose, along with her two daughters in law, and grandchildren, stayed behind.

Going back and checking the activity of the G-4 small presidential jet, we find that 7 different flight plans had been filed since February 12th, 5 of which were actually executed, two of them to the United Kingdom, one to UAE and the remaining two were to Saudi Arabia.

It appears that the Deposed Mummy, though stripped of all his official duties, still uses state transport vehicles at state expense for personal reasons.

He does have free and unimpeded movement in and out of Egypt. And it seems that due to the fact that the local press has no clue on how to obtain flight activity information, all the decrepit dictator had to do was deny his travel once he is back in Sharm el Shaikh, and all would believe the departure was just a wicked rumor.

When the old crone and Smelly younger Nannoose and entourage arrived at the airport, on Monday, the Attorney General had not yet issued a warrant banning the entire family from leaving the country, and freezing their assets. This warrant came immediately after the entire family had left for Saudi Arabia.

It is not well understood whether the decrepit mummy bolts stealthily while everyone is asleep, or whether the military council allows him to leave and come back for medical treatment. It is not plausible that they would be able to move so freely in and out of Egypt without the knowledge of the Egyptian authorities and that there was a specific order from the Supreme Military Council not to interdict their travel in and out.

The Attorney General issued a warrant, banning the Mubaraks from leaving Egypt, freezing their internal assets and requesting foreign governments to do the same.

Time will tell what might become of them. One thing we know for sure; that is Mubarak’s health condition is questionable. This had prompted a well-known program host in the Egyptian television to comment on his departure and return by saying that he would return to Egypt only to be buried in its soil as he had said he wished.

This would be true if he was still away from Egypt. Judging by the activity of the presidential G-4, however, it is unlikely that he is still out of the country.  

On Egyptian television, some program hosts are too flamboyant for their own good and tend to shoot from the hip or report on unsubstantiated rumors. ... The truth of the matter is the Entire family is in Egypt and their travel was only for taking care of business. It would have been nice if we had been able to say the same about the smuggled Loot.