Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

                                   Inas Al Deghadey Displaying Stock Cleavage                 Painted Snipe

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Bird Wild Life in Egypt is Surprisingly, Well … Wild and Diverse.   But because interest in birds in Egypt is strictly constrained by taste pallets and the rather mundane iconic images of a delicious-looking roasted variety found on dinner tables, not many Egyptians know much about the wild side of Birds Life!

For example, let us examine the case of a rare type of vultures about which, there is a proverb least rare and ubiquitously common in Arabic folkloric literature.  There is a saying in Egypt’s folklore which goes like so: “Kites Don’t Just Drop Young Chicks in Flight!” … In the US, it is equivalent to, "There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch."

A meaningful parody to this hilariously satirical folkloric reflection would be to think of a rare case in an otherwise very common species, the species of International Diplomats. .....  Dr. Muhammad Al Baradei is that rare case.  Known only to his US Zionist friends by the irreverent nickname; MoMo, His predicament brought about a huge windfall profit for him and placed it squarely into his hands as an advance payment for his dirty deed against his own country.

A generous check of  $20 Million Dollars was handed to Him by an Ardent Zionist Jew named George Soros in a special fund raising event arranged for him in the prestigious Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he stood in front of 2000 invitation only attendees and said, " My name is "Mo  Al Baradei", I am a retired UN agency president, and am looking for a job ...!

Soros represents the Kite and the $20 Million Dollars represent the putative Dropped Young Chicks from the Skies! … Or, the American equivalent of a, supposedly, Free Lunch...!

When asked about the source of this windfall profit, Al Baradei responds by claiming it was a gift from an interested party! ... Friends-type, interested-party! ... Interested in what, we ask!  ... OK, let us just say that “The Kite Dropped it in Flight!”, he mutters! 

But the all too wise Egyptians know that “Kites Don’t Just Drop Young Chicks in Flight!” Because vultures are much too clever to loose valuables in flight, save perhaps when it is bait for a much bigger kill …. Got the parody now, MoMo? ......

And while this proverb may be as old as the Egyptian Kite, the Kite has been officially declared extinct by the Audubon Society yet the saying never did follow the Kite into extinction …. Perhaps maybe because MoMo is still around? … 

Another example of wild bird life in Egypt has to do with the unconventional Painted Snipe, which is an Egyptian Native Marsh-Land Bird, where the husband takes care of the nesting while his one-time mate goes off in search of new lovers.

This reminds me of an Egyptian female Motion Picture Director named Inas Al Deghadey. The woman, even by Western Standard, is a dingy reprobate. An old crone openly floozy and extremely profligate.
She calls for institutionalized prostitution and demands absolutely Free-For-All Open Sexual Libertine environment and a social milieu that promotes and encourages sexual deviancy in Egypt, where the divine law or the law of the land, for that matter, she unabashedly insists, should not interfere! …

Hence the Deghadey – Painted Snipe Laws for a New Risqué Egypt, Free From Inhibition, that , according to the profligate Old Crone or the Old Bat if you prefer, is the modern Egypt that should be …!